About AssureSign

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software -
Simply integrated. Securely signed.

AssureSign, and sister company 3PV, have been providing mission-critical electronic signature solutions to enterprise customers since 1999.   With over 180 million global signature events to-date, AssureSign is a clear leader in the market in both cloud and on-premise deployments.  AssureSign goes beyond what everyone else in the electronic signature software technology industry is doing.  AssureSign aims to raise the bar higher, establish the standards for electronic signatures and lead through technological advancements. Focusing on enterprise-class solutions, deployed in a variety of ways, as the customer requires them – never forcing a customer to choose one over the other.

Significant differentiators are:

  • The ability to deploy YOUR WAY – in the cloud, on-premise or even your own ‘private cloud’
  • Simplified pricing models
    • One, all-inclusive cost model to avoid ‘nickel-and-diming’ for forgotten features, including API
    • Seat or Transaction models that allow for 3- and 5-year true life-cycle costing with no surprises
    • Ability to move from cloud to on-premise, when needed, as SaaS does not cost-effectively scale infinitely
    • One standard support model (always included) with all customers treated equally – 24/7
  • Service level agreements in-line with mission-critical requirements
  • No API/connector fees – recognizing that AssureSign solutions work best when integrated with existing systems
  • Protection of customer data – AssureSign does not mine signer’s data for marketing purposes, as others may
  • Full customization and branding capabilities
    • Send emails from YOUR senders, not from some generic email
    • Provide relevant data in email invitations to sign, as well as sender information
    • Ensure your signers are kept in your ‘look and feel’ throughout the signing experience
    • Add custom disclaimers and signing instructions
  • Enterprise-class, multi-tier sub-accounts for unique branding and segregation of data within primary account
  • Ubiquitous mobile signing support without the need for any downloaded app