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Electronic Signature Software - AssureSign Partners

We have found that our customers best leverage AssureSign’s industry-leading electronic signature solutions when they are integrated into existing business systems and processes. AssureSign’s open, flexible and standards-based APIs provide the ideal tool set to accomplish just about any type of integration.

DocumentNOW® is the API Toolkit that provides the ability to integrate to web sites, web portals and self-service applications and it also is the mechanism by which documents or data are transmitted to AssureSign when integrated with existing front- and back-office systems.

DocumentTRAK™ is the API Toolkit that provides step-by-step monitoring of the signing process and can ultimately send copies of completed documents and their transaction history to external systems. DocumentTRAK™ allows for the creation of dashboard reporting and overall system performance.

An added benefit to our partners is AssureSign’s underlying architecture, which allows resellers to have ‘master-accounts’ from which individual customers can be provisioned with the same features, security and segregation as all other AssureSign users. This is an excellent opportunity for resellers who might want to create an additional recurring revenue stream.

The AssureSign Partner Program consists of two types of partners:

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