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Electronic Signature Software - What is Assuresign?

AssureSign is an enterprise-class process automation solution that easily integrates with existing systems and business applications to secure legally binding electronic signatures on any document. AssureSign can be deployed as a “cloud-computing” or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, requiring no hardware or software for any user. AssureSign can also be installed on the customer premise, behind your firewall.

AssureSign is a service that facilitates the managed processing of documents in an all-digital, high-security environment. Our patent-pending electronic signature software provides forensically identifiable evidence of contractual acceptance with digitized electronic signatures. Signatories can E-sign by either hand-signing or typing their signature, store and/or transmit documents and contracts electronically. AssureSign is used to quickly obtain biometric or certified electronic signature authorization of documents by one or more signatories, in any order, anywhere in the world on any device.

Electronic Signature Software - AssureSign

AssureSign Platform

Our platform is designed the latest technologies to meet the challenges faced by the continuously changing business environment. Utilizing robust APIs, AssureSign can easily integrated with any existing or planned application.

Our platform is driven by a .NET architecture to provide AssureSign users with a high-quality, scalable product engineered for today and tomorrow.  The exact same software is deploy in our cloud delivery as well as an on-premise deployment.

Our extensive data security practices and periodic audits by customers and partners enable us to be HIPAA compliant, as well as Enterprise-wide SSAE 16 (formerly SAS-70 Type II Certified).

Our software features built-in enterprise-class security options, as well as standard document validation features ensuring that all relevant evidentiary information is readily available.

Electronic Signature Software - AssureSign

Electronic Signatures

AssureSign’s 100% web-based signing process closely replicates pen and paper, but requires no additional hardware or software for any user, document creator or signatory. AssureSign allows document creators to select from a variety of authentication options including an x.509 certificate or ‘challenge’ questions via a third party such as IDology, LexisNexis or Acxiom.

AssureSign offers two options for obtaining electronic signatures; both are E-SIGN and UETA compliant and legally binding. Document creators can select the option they and their customers feel most comfortable using.

Biometric SignatureElectronic Signature Software - Biometric Signature
Captures the ‘act-of-signing’
not an image of a signature
Certified SignatureElectronic Signature Software - Certified Signature
Click-to-sign with typed signature

Electronic Signature Software - AssureSign

Verbal AgreementsElectronic Signature Software - Verbal Agreements

AssureSign’s Verbal Agreements enable you to obtain E-SIGN & UETA compliant recorded agreements and confirmations over the phone as an alternative offering to enhance customer acquisition.

Verbal Agreements can be obtained via our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform, which is speech-enabled for conversational interaction or our in-house, live agent call center. Both options utilize AssureSign’s fully customizable scripts to meet your specific business needs.

What is Assuresign

Customization & Branding

AssureSign allows you to customize your customers’ signing experience throughout the entire signing process. Every screen, from the initial email through the final page of the signing process can contain your logo and branding for a truly seamless experience. Your customer will never have to feel that they are giving a third party any of their information or signing up for any third party services.

Custom workflows enable you to obtain signatures from multiple signatories, either in series or parallel, to ensure the signing process is efficient and effective.

Electronic Signature Software - ScreenshotsElectronic Signature Software - Assuresign

Flexible Deployment

AssureSign offers you multiple options to meet your business needs. The signing process may be initiated via email invitation or web portal, so customers can sign directly from your website. Our flexible pricing models, which include per user or per document versions, let you select the option that make AssureSign electronic signatures most cost effective for the way you do business.

Additionally, our e-signatures can be deployed as either a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application or installed on-premise.

Electronic Signature Software - Flexible Deployment

Electronic Signature Software - Assuresign