AssureSign for Windows Azure


AssureSign Electronic Signature Software is now available for Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365!

AssureSign now offers customers a new level of scalability and global presence.

Increasingly, controlling costs, and lowering the time of sales workflow in the enterprise are driving greater acceptance of electronic signature processes.  AssureSign has met this need with its own hosted SaaS offerings and on-premise installation options for larger enterprises.  However, the infrastructure requirements for expansion due to increased electronic signature volume and the need for geographic flexibility, as well as the upfront costs of the infrastructure for enterprise clients looking for on-premise installations still require upfront investment that delays implementation of these processes.

AssureSign has moved to add components that run on Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Azure, including worker roles for back-end document processing, web roles for expansion of capacity of front end customer interfaces (including document electronic signing interfaces),  and using Windows Azure BLOB Storage and SQL Azure.  AssureSign multi-tenant clients benefit from increased reliability, geographic flexibility, and faster capacity growth by running their components on the AssureSign Windows Azure instances.  Enterprise clients find that a private Windows Azure instance of AssureSign bridges the cost gap between large infrastructure purchases required for on-premise installs and SaaS environments, while ensuring isolation of data and processes required by IT.

AssureSign finds value in using Windows Azure by being able to offer quicker spin-up of private Windows Azure-based cloud instances of single-tenant AssureSign installations, and is able to rapidly spin up increased worker and web roles as needed to match new capacity requirements in its multi-tenant offering.