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Benefits of AssureSign® Electronic Signature Software

Anyone chasing people for signatures on documents knows the chase can be frustrating, time-consuming and oftentimes expensive. Until the Federal Uniform Transactions Act of 1999 and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (E-SIGN) Act of 2000, businesses had no digital alternatives to eliminate this. The only alternatives were fax machines or delivery services such as FedEx, UPS or the U.S. Postal Service.

Now AssureSign Electronic Signature Software offers a decidedly superior solution. AssureSign e-signatures save time and money, add control and convenience, broaden accessibility, improve reliability, and reduce errors and frustration.

Here’s how:

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software is faster than overnight delivery services. AssureSign gets the job done in minutes or hours rather than days. Electronic signatures shorten business cycles and improve cash flow.

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software is better than overnight delivery services because it gives users full and personal control over the signing process. Users can expedite signature procurement by calling signatories when documents sit in their email inboxes for too long.

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software provides more control than overnight delivery services by sending email notifications of document status of each step in the signing process, allowing document originators to monitor and expedite the process as necessary.

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software is faster than fax transmission because there is:

  • No more concern for whether all pages are received.
  • No need to print a hard copy of a document in order to secure a signature.
  • No more paper jams or out-of-paper problems in fax machines.

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software is better than fax transmission because:

  • AssureSign is more secure. No more concern for whether or not the right person receives the document.
  • AssureSign is more controlled. No more concern for whether or not all areas requiring signatures are signed.
  • AssureSign is trackable. No more worry about the whereabouts of a document. Document originators will know exactly when the signatory receives the document and exactly when it is signed

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