DocumentLAUNCH for Windows

AssureSign DocumentLAUNCH for Windows provides a simple desktop alternative to sending documents from within the AssureSign site.  After the DocumentLAUNCH application is installed and the user’s account information is entered, an AssureSign user will be able to access their AssureSign templates from their desktop without logging in to the AssureSign site.

The DocumentLAUNCH application allows a user to stream in documents they have created that match an AssureSign template, or pass along data to be applied to a stored document template in AssureSign.  The application provides simple drag-and-drop capability for supported document types, and also installs a Windows context menu option for sending documents to AssureSign.

DocumentLAUNCH provides a simple desktop platform for interfacing with the AssureSign DocumentNOW® services, providing an option for organizations to quickly create desktop integration to AssureSign with little or no technical cost.

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