DocumentNOW® API

DocumentNOW® – Document Initiation/Creation API

The DocumentNOW® family of XML-based web methods is a dynamic and exhaustive web-service data exchange that permits users of AssureSign Electronic Signature Software to easily integrate the technology into their existing business processes.

With DocumentNOW, AssureSign users can:

  • Stream in single or multiple documents created in their own system
  • Submit information for insertion into existing stored documents
  • Send read-only attachments for review by signers
  • Query for document signing status and complete history
  • Make dynamic adjustments to in-process document workflow including modifying signatories, cancelling documents, and resending communications
  • Access signed documents
  • Keep their end users in their own UI, through methods allowing auto discovery of templates, signatories, and other AssureSign objects

In summary, The DocumentNOW service provides a powerful toolset to manage the complete signing scenario programmatically over the Internet without end-user use of AssureSign’s user interface.

Customers who need to embed the management of document submission, tracking and data input into their own business processes are amazed at the ease and convenience of DocumentNOW. They can exchange information using XML requests over the Internet, even without logging into the AssureSign client web portal to set up a document for digital signature.

Once documents have been set up for signature procurement through DocumentNOW, they can be launched for signature with a “push button” on the user’s web pages, or they can be launched automatically from the user’s computer systems.

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