DocumentTRAK™ API

DocumentTRAK™ – Document Tracking, Reporting and Transmission API

DocumentTRAK™ enables AssureSign Electronic Signature Software users to send communications to their own web-accessible applications, which are triggered by specific events defined in a document template workflow configuration. The DocumentTRAK™ wizard, launched from within the workflow editor, walks users through configuring the AssureSign system to send data according to their schema, to a specified location, at a specified point in the signing process, including ‘Document Started’, ‘Before Step Started’, ‘After Step Completed’, ‘Landing Page Visited’, ‘Document Completed’ or ‘Document Pre-Expiration Warning’ and many more document progress elements.

DocumentTRAK™ notifications may be generic data-only communications or they may be document transmissions. The entire signed and completed document, collections of documents that were presented in a bundle to signatories, or information collected in the signing process can be sent to your existing business systems for appropriate workflow integration or storage.  The document signing data, ESIGN compliance information and a ‘document history’ document can also be passed to other systems via the DocumentTRAK API.