AssureSign Electronic Signature Software for Microsoft Applications

AssureSign® for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and Microsoft SharePoint

Electronic Signature Software - Microsoft Certified Partner

AssureSign Electronic Signature Software offers one-click document creation and electronic signature initiation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint customers.

With just a mouse and an Internet connection your customers can securely retrieve and sign documents in a matter of minutes, and you’ll be alerted to the signing process in real time so you can track the entire transaction every step of the way.

Use Microsoft SharePoint to create documents, and merge with Microsoft Dynamics CRM data fields and send them out to one or many recipients for signature using a single interface. Sophisticated workflow allows you to secure real biometric signatures or typed, certified signatures, and other data, on any document; routing to one or many email destinations. With AssureSign you can track the progress of documents out for signature, sending executed copies to all required recipients, and bring completed documents back into SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With AssureSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint:

  • Seamlessly generate and send documents for signature in Microsoft SharePoint using Microsoft Dynamics CRM data fields.
  • All that is needed is the document to be signed and a computer with Internet connection – no special equipment or additional software downloads are required for document originators or signatories.
  • Manage and report workflow progress.
  • An electronic signature solution can be up and running in minutes.

Microsoft Webinar Series
AssureSign has teamed with Microsoft, making it easy for you to learn about electronic signatures and the solutions available to enhance the capabilities of your current business processes and applications.

AssureSign’s electronic signature applications have been designed to run on the Microsoft platform, as well as integrations to seamlessly work with your Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft SharePoint.

To learn more about how AssureSign can improve the way you do business, sign up for a FREE webinar today.

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