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Electronic Signature Software - Rhodes Retail Success Story

Electronic Signature Software - Rhodes Retail Services, Inc.

Merchandising Services Company Implements AssureSign Electronic Signatures to Enhance New Hire Process

Rhodes Retail Services, Inc. is a nationwide merchandising services company specializing in the setup and remodel of chain stores. Although Rhodes Retail is based in Elk Grove, CA, employees are mostly virtual and regularly travel to client locations throughout the country. Interviews are typically conducted by traveling supervisors.

Rhodes found that the traditional method of sending applicants on-boarding paperwork to be inefficient and time-consuming. Applicants would receive background screening authorizations to print, sign and fax back to the corporate office. Once returned, the remainder of the new hire paperwork was sent to the employee to be printed signed and faxed back to the corporate office. This process proved to be inefficient and often took up to a week from start to finish. Also, if employees or applicants were using a public business centers at a hotel or office store, there was increased potential that the confidentiality of documents would be compromised.

Rhodes Retail implemented AssureSign in January 2009 and realized immediate results. Applicants receive all forms via email and can sign and submit to the corporate office within minutes, where workflow controls ensure that information is routed to the appropriate department. Additionally, Rhodes Retail can maintain communication with existing employees when they travel, enabling them to make payroll deduction requests and changes to their benefits while on the road, quickly and confidentially. And all information is stored in one place, and searchable by employee name.

AssureSign’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution has reduced the time it takes to execute Rhodes Retail’s new-hire paperwork from as long as a week to just one or two days. Plus, all documents are housed by AssureSign in one central repository where documents can be easily found by employee name.

“AssureSign has made our on-boarding process very efficient,” says Chris Rhodes, President of Rhodes Retail. “We typically had to wait two to three days to receive background check authorization from an applicant, and then another two to three days for new hire paperwork. With AssureSign we were able to cut down a six to seven day process into one or two days.”

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