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Electronic Signature Software - Working Links Success Story

Electronic Signature Software - Working Links

Working Links Finds AssureSign Electronic Signature Software an Efficient Tool for Signing Business Electronically

Customer Profile
Since 2000, Working Links has helped over 200,000 people to change their lives by supporting them into sustainable employment.

They work in some of the most deprived areas of Britain to address the challenges faced by people who are long-term unemployed. Services offered are designed to:

  • Promote and develop the integration of employment and skills
  • Tackle barriers to social mobility
  • Help employers increase their productivity and competitiveness

Working Links is a public, private and voluntary company, bringing together private sector drive, public sector ethos and voluntary sector ethics. The company works from more than 100 locations across Brtiain, employing about 1,000 people.

Working Links regularly requires Action Plans and Data Consent documents to be signed by customers and consultants. They found that the traditional method of signing paper documents to be costly and inefficient, as they required much administrative overhead for the signing and scanning of all customers’ related documentation, as customers were only able to sign documents in person at a Working Links office, to reduce the opportunity of fraud by being able to copy signatures. Additionally, Working Links was looking to reduce their carbon footprint in line with the organization’s sustainability objectives.

Working Links leveraged AssureSign’s web services integration methodologies to implement electronic signatures in early 2011. The AssureSign solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with plans to migrate to CRM 2011 and Microsoft SharePoint.  The deployment is an on-premise installation of AssureSign 3.1 and will provide services to its many hundreds of consultants.  Documents can now be securely signed virtually anywhere, anytime, over the internet, removing time and technology barriers. Working Links also incorporated signature pad devices from Wacom to obtain signatures in person from customers at their office locations via devices familiar to all users.

The AssureSign solution is approved and endorsed by Carbon Trust (also an AssureSign customer), an organization committed to encouraging good practice in carbon measurement, management and reduction by businesses and organizations. Electronic signatures reduced the need for Working Links to print all electronic documents at a CO2 output of 21 grams per page.

The most significant benefit for Working Links was a substantial reduction in administration time, as Working Links staff will have more time to spend assisting customer, getting them into work, and maintaining that employment.  Combined with the reduction of the cost of printing, signing and scanning/attaching of documents using the previous process, Working Links has realized savings of approximately £2.18M.

Additionally, the implementation of electronic signatures has provided Working Links with increased security, as the opportunity for false claims and fraud by customers falsely signing documents has been removed. All documents now have to be electronically signed eliminating the threat of copied signatures.

Finally, Working Links expects to experience a reduction in their carbon dioxide footprint of 31,500kg per year.

A Working Links spokesman said: “The AssureSign product is exactly what we wanted to put in place at Working Links. Not only will it give our consultants more time to help our customers get back to work, the new system will save the organization more than £2m and is in keeping with our sustainability agenda to reduce our carbon footprint.”

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