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Electronic Signature Software - Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – Ask our clients about their experiences with AssureSign Electronic Signature Software. Here’s a sampling of what they have to say about AssureSign’s e-signature solutions:

We found AssureSign and their product has saved our company. The Biometric Electronic Signature solution captures ‘real’ signatures, allowing us to have one system with absolutely no paper, fax, scan or processing involved. More importantly, we obtained a ruling from the Federal Government ensuring their acceptance of AssureSign’s ‘real’ signatures.

“AssureSign reduced our document costs to a fraction of the previous cost of $100 per client. It gives us countersigned contracts in under four minutes and guarantees us Federal Government payment for our services in less than one minute.”

Drew Hyde, Senior Partner
Aurora Lifetools

“I am always looking for ways and means to improve customer service, increase revenues, and increase profitability. I was able to accomplish all three objectives by teaming up with AssureSign LLC, and integrating their AssureSign product with Serenity Group’s online web-hosted insurance services. Serenity Group has steadily increased revenues without increasing staff by improving the sales closing ratio from 20% to 33%! This good news is largely the result of using AssureSign.

“Within weeks of being challenged to help us improve operational performance, AssureSign’s technical team integrated their AssureSign product with our existing online customer capture-and-fulfillment process without major disruption to the business. The AssureSign Customer Care team is impressive as well. They respond quickly to requests for assistance and are professional and innovative in their approach to solving problems.

“Our agents have more confidence that customers will react positively. Customers have more confidence that we can get new insurance in force and solve their problems in a timely manner.”

Bill Sutherland, General Manager
Serenity Insurance

“Since implementing AssureSign, we have steadily increased the number of insurance applications and other documents authorized with electronic signatures every month. It takes less than half an hour to train staff members to use AssureSign. Clients simply type information in required fields and sign their names. Cloverleaf clients find AssureSign simple and easy to use, and AssureSign signatures are compliant with all required laws and regulations.

“We like AssureSign because we can close business much faster. We ask prospects to sign offers on the spot and become clients immediately. They don’t have time to worry and change their minds while waiting for faxes. We now save time converting prospects to clients. The staff at AssureSign are friendly and always there to answer questions or help me when I need them. If they don’t have the answers, they get them. If you want to close business faster and easier, take a look at AssureSign.”

Charlie Brandes, Owner
Cloverleaf Insurance

“Our days of waiting for faxes and struggling with missing pages and poor transmission are through since we discovered AssureSign. The instantaneous nature of the product and high levels of security, coupled with the ability to track the signature progress, make signing contracts and agreements a pleasure. Their customer care professionals are outstanding trainers and are committed to providing the exemplary service that we’ve come to expect from AssureSign LLC’s sister company 3PV®, with whom we’ve done business for years.”

Kathryn Jensen, President
Organizational Solutions, Inc.

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