About AssureSign, AssureSign Partners

Imagine living in an apartment with only one electrical plug? Only one tenant at a time would be able to access the available electricity. Or worse, imagine living in an apartment complex with the wrong kind of electrical outlets – how do you know which plug converters to buy and how can you possibly keep up with all of the plug adaptions?

The same concept applies to the requirements of APIs. Business software providers, such as Microsoft and IBM, are seeing huge value in creating better functionality and usability for their clients by leveraging critical software, such as electronic signature and marketing automation tools, that easily and efficiently integrate into all applications. Making sure that any API is developed for seamless integration among existing applications and products is critical, not only for a company’s clients, but also for the usability of the clients’ customers.

AssureSign was designed from inception with an API that seamlessly integrates into any business process – including existing applications that sales organizations, knowledge workers, customer service representatives, administrative personnel and executives use every day.

Offering the industry’s only electronic signature software partner program, with a proven revenue stream that benefits referral, integration and resellers alike, AssureSign utilizes the industry’s most flexible and adaptive API. Users of virtually any software can send, track, manage and automatically receive electronically signed documents, remaining in that software application throughout the document’s lifecycle. AssureSign can also integrate with existing website and web portals to present documents for signature in web-self-service environments.


AssureSign’s rich simple object access protocol (SOAP) and RESTful APIs expose all elements of the signature workflow process to external systems and controls. Hundreds of customers and partners in multiple industries embed AssureSign into their everyday applications or web workflows. Our APIs integrate perfectly with:

Insurance Solutions: AssureSign integrates with web portals, policy systems, rating/quoting systems, carrier systems and agency systems.

Web Portals: Our solutions are used in customer self-service applications where new visitors or known signers can come to complete and sign documents.

Customer Relationship Management: AssureSign has an off-the-shelf plug-in that creates a 100%-native CRM user experience. For Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Integration Partners have taken it even further by integrating with other Microsoft applications such as SharePoint and web portals.

Public Sector: Integration with citizen management applications and web portals for self-service are widespread. Also, affordable healthcare solutions, insurance and worker’s compensation applications are also commonly deployed.


What’s in it for the Customer or Partner?

1. No charge for a development environment. AssureSign does not charge or restrict the usage of a sandbox/development environment. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits of integrating AssureSign into other solutions – so why would we create barriers for companies who want to do this?

2. Full-featured environment. All of AssureSign’s features, from drag-and-drop capabilities, to save and send document templates, are available for users to deploy as they see fit and there are no API restrictions.

3. Access to AssureSign knowledge base. From useful guides, videos and detailed deployment as well as access to AssureSign developers and consultants, we offer a plethora of information for customers and users to fully take advantage of all the functionalities of our solution.

4. Easily move from a sandbox to production environment. AssureSign’s export/import function allows a customer or developer to easily move all templates, workflows and email designs from one system to another at any time. Companies can keep their branded templates as they move from systems and applications.

5. No expiration for credible users/developers. If a client is using the sandbox/development environment, they won’t get shut down. Environments that do not see usage activity for more than 90 days may be subject to disablement.

6. Proven revenue generator. AssureSign ConnectTM is the only partner program in the electronic signature industry with a proven revenue stream. With the industry’s most flexible API, and no product development or certification fees required, referral, integration and resell partners alike can receive all of the benefits of AssureSign’s electronic signature platform without sacrificing security or control.

In sum, much like living in an apartment with no outlets or the wrong kind of outlets, enterprises simply cannot function without the right kind of integration with critical software. Utilizing an electronic signature solution that doesn’t integrate with main business applications can do more harm than good when it comes to functionality and overall customer user experience. AssureSign offers the kind of API integration and functionality that leading global enterprises need, with a few entry barriers and a proven revenue stream. Such lean and nimble capabilities eliminate complex operational barriers most partners encounter, enabling enterprises to quickly and easily get new applications and services up and running. Learn more about our Partner Program with partners like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft – contact us today.



AssureSign is a pioneer of electronic signatures' evolution from a corporate luxury into a fundamental business need. For more than 15 years, leading enterprises have trusted us with their most essential e-signature and document transaction management. Our e-sign software is the most secure and the easiest to use, making us the ideal partner for companies that execute hundreds to thousands of electronic signatures every month.