Many of our customers come to us after an exhaustive search for the right technology partner who will help them manage change, increase productivity and reduce costs through the use of electronic signatures. Perhaps we’re the last one standing in a highly-competitive RFP process, or we’re the most flexible option (offering on-premise, hybrid and SaaS) with the friendliest client support. Regardless of how an organization becomes an AssureSign customer, one thing is certain: implementing new technology is never the ultimate goal – we’re dedicated to providing you with the services and resources that extend the life of your business systems, guarantee a maximum return on investment, and help you go the distance.

Knight Insurance Group

Knight Insurance Group

Knight Insurance Group’s agents were still processing client paperwork manually; on average, it would take new clients two weeks to fill out and return applications. Today, forms that previously took two weeks to execute are coming in within one or two days thanks to AssureSign electronic signature.

Knight Insurance Group Success Story


Jacksonville Jaguars

In just two years since adopting AssureSign, the Jaguars sales team reports an improved sales process and seen a spike in season ticket sales. By increasing the ability to send out ticket agreements to everyone in its existing CRM on-demand, the Jaguars were able to triple the amount of agreements sent out, without enlisting additional internal resources.

Jacksonville Jaguars Success Story

Grange Insurance

Grange Insurance

Since integrating AssureSign’s electronic signature solution to Grange’s document management internal systems, the company has cut agent onboarding time in half. In fact, roughly 90 percent of the documents in agents’ onboard packets are now completed in just two to three days.

Grange Insurance Success Story


Firehouse Subs

By using AssureSign, Firehouse Subs will be saving on shipping to various locations (i.e. paper, binders, singing tabs), and labor to prepare these packages. Additionally, Firehouse Subs plans to begin sending franchise agreements via AssureSign internationally.

Firehouse Subs Success Story



Since deploying AssureSign’s electronic signature in their product, EZLynx has experienced growth in end user customer satisfaction. Combined with other tools like “texting, e-signature, drip campaigns help us stay on top of our clients and grow our business,” reported one user from Guaranteed Rate Insurance.

EZLynx Success Story

Bright House

Bright House Networks

Bright House enlisted AssureSign as its electronic signature partner due to its mobile-friendly optimization, as well as its easy CRM integration capabilities. With AssureSign, Bright House could more effectively optimize its CRM database with real-time updates on the status of service agreements, both improving and shortening the customer sales cycles.

Bright House Networks Success Story



Captorra selected AssureSign over DocuSign due to their out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now that e-signature is a part of the Captorra product, Captorra’s users have cut new client and case on-boarding time from days to a matter of minutes.

Captorra Success Story


ABC Financial Services

ABC Financial supports operations in 4,000 health clubs and gyms all across North America. With their roots in the fitness business, the company has a deep understanding of the challenges in health club management. They continually develop and deliver solutions that are tuned to the specific needs of this industry.

ABC Financial Services Success Story


Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau Insurance leveraged AssureSign to integrate e-sign into their insurance application. AssureSign achieved a seamless integration into the company’s existing business workflows. Today, applications are routed to the insured’s email for signature in a quick and efficient manner – reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency.

Farm Bureau Success Story


Innovatix, LLC

AssureSign’s integrated solution enables Innovatix, LLC to generate documents and send out for signature quickly and easily, resulting in a greatly accelerated process, which is now managed electronically.

Innovatix, LLC Success Story