Are you headed to beautiful Tampa, FL, for CRMUG this week? You should be! CRMUG is one of the best conferences of the year for power CRM users, administrators, and developers. Here are a few of the things that we look forward to for the CRMUG conference every year…

  • Networking – Because this conference is by, for, and about the users, there’s no end to awesome people to meet who can help you get where you need to be with your CRM. Need help with something specific? That’s the whole purpose of a User Group, and CRMUG is one huge user group!

  • Learning & Training – The most valuable service any CRM maker can provide to its customers and end-users is training, and that’s one of the best things available at CRMUG! Not only is it really economical for the software makers to get lots of people trained at once on “new and improved” product and services, but the sessions are specifically designed with you in mind… So you can return, a CRM rock star!

  • New Ideas – CRMUG is where CRM software makers learn what new stuff they should make! Why? Because their new stuff is aimed at their users. What a great place for them to learn what you want to see next, face to face, where they can see the look in your eyes and the expression on your face as you walk through a workflow and point to a really specific issue that hinders your productivity. Got ideas? Bring them to CRMUG to share with software providers.

  • New Products – Conferences like CRMUG are where software providers announce and roll out the very latest they have to offer. You get to be among the first to see what’s new, and offer your feedback face to face while getting a head start on planning your next implementation.

  • Driven by Users – Because CRMUG is a big conglomeration of other User Groups, the whole premise of the conference is the users. That’s you. Because it’s built for the user, it’s much less salesy and much more about getting one-on-one interactions between users and software makers.

Now, have you decided to go? We hope so! CRMUG is a great show for CRM users, administrators, and integrators. We hope you enjoy Tampa!


Michelle Cloninger

Michelle Cloninger

Director of Sales and Marketing at AssureSign
As Director of Sales and Marketing, Michelle is responsible for employing tactical brand awareness and lead generation strategies to promote growth and increase overall company revenues. When away from the office, Michelle enjoys playing with her canine companion, Chandler or heading to a summer festival in the city with good company.
Michelle Cloninger