We needed an electronic signature partner that deploys easily, is simple to use and offers responsive customer service – that’s why we selected AssureSign,

– Chris O’Brien, President and CEO, Captorra

AssureSign for Legal

Lawyers and law firm employees execute more documents annually than any other industry. From contracts and wills to legal briefs and non-disclosures, there is no shortage of time-sensitive documents that require immediate e-signatures, often from multiple parties.  AssureSign provides our customers in the legal industry with the ability to create multiple eSigner profiles; live tracking of the eSigning progress and a drag-and-drop capability that creates the fastest e-signature process available.

Most important to the legal industry, AssureSign secures documents at every point of the documents circuit – from initiation to transmission and on to storage, ensuring the integrity and enforceability of confidential legal documents. We’re also the only eSign provider that allows our legal customers to purchase electronic signature per document or per seat; an option that saves our customers thousands.

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Success Stories

Read how leading case intake software solution Captorra partners with AssureSign for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.

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