AssureSign for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Eliminate the cost and the wait times of copies, fax deliveries and postage, or the need for special equipment with an electronic signature application that’s native to Microsoft’s existing CRM.

The AssureSign and Microsoft partnership makes it easy for employees and partners to:

  • Manage and track the e-signing process within CRM

  • Launch documents from custom or standard CRM entities

  • Send multiple documents to multiple signers

  • Apply company branding, signing and email standards

  • Create custom workflows without writing any code

  • Sign documents at arms-length via email invitation, in-person signing link or via SMS, and more…

Available for both on-premises installation & CRM online


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Success Stories


 The United States Olympic Committee

The USOC’s IT department knew it needed a solution for document processing. After extensive research, it chose AssureSign because of its simple, yet powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics…


A Microsoft Dynamics consulting firm chooses AssureSign for all of their E-Signing needs. Learn how AssureSign delivered an “unbeatable experience” to win over PowerObjects…


Captorra selected AssureSign over DocuSign due to their out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now that e-signature is a part of the Captorra product, Captorra’s users have cut new client and case on-boarding time from days to a matter of minutes…

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