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The wait is over. Summer is here. Cooking hotdogs on the grill and laying beachside aren’t the only things to enjoy this season. Before you grab the SPF and head to the pool, take a look at some of the eSignature updates and enhancements we have in store for your favorite eSignature software…

  • Keep Your Sessions Alive – The new feature that allows your AssureSign session to remain open and active even after your computer goes idle.
  • Keyboard Positioning for JotBlocks –  Simple Setup now allows users to migrate jotblocks with exact precision! Utilize your keyboard’s arrow keys to place a working jotblock exactly where you would like your customer to sign on a document.



  • Fixed Jotblocks for Simple Setup – Use fixed jotblocks to add additional information to a document, for both pre and post signing needs.
  • New Jotblocks for Simple Setup – We gave jotblocks a facelift! You can now utilize drop down jotblocks to easily navigate multiple signers’ information during the setup process. Another newly added feature is creating a jotblock designed to capture a signer’s answer(s) to a multiple choice question.
  • Account Search– Resellers and enterprises with multiple accounts can now easily perform a quick search to find a specific account.
  • New Setting: Authentication Type– For those with multiple users on one AssureSign account, our integration with Dynamics 365 allows unique emailing customization! Control how documents are sent from each user!
  • Parameter Tag Builder– The BRAND NEW tag builder helps Dynamics users simplify the process of creating tags for mapping data to document template parameters!
  • New Version: LocalSign– Jotblocks aren’t the only feature that got a facelift. An entirely new version of LocalSign is now up and running. For those currently utilizing this solution, make sure you upgrade if you haven’t already!
  • Sign as you Like– Now senders AND signers can choose whether they prefer to utilize typed font or a hand written signature for the duration of their signing. The handwritten signature can be completed using a mouse, trackpad, or by touch when using a touch screen enabled device.



Ready to enjoy all of our eSignature updates and enhancements? Schedule a demo today to discover how AssureSign can meet and exceed all your electronic signature needs!


Jackson Burke

Jackson Burke

Content Marketing Specialist at AssureSign
As AssureSign’s Content Marketing Specialist, Jackson advocates for the adoption of electronic signature among leading markets by relaying its benefit to a range of audiences from the average reader to those in software development. Before appearing in notable publications like the American Bar Association, Jackson received his B.S. and M.Ed. from Middle Tennessee State University, just outside his birthplace of Nashville, Tennessee. When not at his desk, you can typically find him at the gym, park, or debating white to red sangria.
Jackson Burke