Reduce the Lifecycle of Insurance Documents with eSign via Text

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Reduce the Lifecycle of Insurance Documents with eSign via Text

In a previous post, we highlighted the four-fold benefit of adopting an eSignature and document management platform among insurance carriers and agencies: Reduce cost and improve productivity Diminish error and omission (E&O) exposure Create a competitive edge Delight clients with a legal and secure digital alternative But did you know AssureSign offers unique eSigning features… Read more »

Win 60% More Legal Clients with eSign via Text Message

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Win 60% More Legal Clients with eSign via Text Message

In a previous post, we illustrated the benefits that electronic signature brings to the legal industry. In case you missed it…firms are estimated to lose $9,071 annually per lawyer due to productivity lag and wasted time. Firms can reduce or eliminate these substantial losses—upwards of a million bucks for larger firms—by automating their document management… Read more »

Stay ahead of the Competition in Insurance with eSignature

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4 reasons why eSignature for insurance is a cut above other ECM solutions and claims management solutions

Digital transformation has been pervasive for nearly a decade or so. But it’s not just our smartphones or day-to-day processes that are transforming… so are client expectations. In a survey of nearly 300 insurance buyers*, more than a third said online self-service was “very important” when deciding who to do business with. Clients are willing… Read more »

4 Ways Legal Firms and Servicers use eSignature to Outperform Competition

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4 ways the legal industry uses eSignature

DYK?… Lawyers, judges, legal tech providers, and other legal staff process and manage more documents than any other industry. Consequently, they have quite the comfortable lead regarding time spent (and wasted) on managing documents and signatures. By the numbers: Lost productivity within the legal industry… Document creation, delivery and management: 11.2 hrs./week Time wasted (searching… Read more »

Government Technology: How the 21st Century IDEA Impacts Public & Private Sectors

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Government technology will propel the 21st Century IDEA

Historically, December 20 has been a substantial day for the U.S. 1803: The Louisiana Purchase was completed. 1989: President George H.W. Bush authorized the invasion of Panama. 2018: The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act was signed into law. While the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) may not be as well-known as its… Read more »

Stuck? Here’s What to Send on (or after) Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day 2019 From AssureSign

If your weekdays are busy enough in their own right (whose workday ends at “quitting hour” these days 🤷‍♂️)  you may have considered skipping this year’s beloved (or notorious) Valentine’s Day gestures!  Guess what. You’re not alone.   According to the National Retail Federation, barely half of adults plan to celebrate the king of “Hallmark… Read more »

IBM Think: 4 Ingredients Causing Curiosity to Boiling Over

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When surveying a typical conference season, you’re unlikely to think of February as the gauntlet of its prime. Yet, in 2019, it’s the month of Saint Valentine that’s hosting one of the fastest growing tech-centered conferences in the U.S. Setting up shop February 12-15 in San Francisco, California, IBM Think 2019 delves into the modern… Read more »

AssureSign – a Market Leader in Electronic Signature Software

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With the New Year, businesses across the market—from law firms to insurance agencies to franchises—rejoice at new opportunities! Yet, despite its timing, the most favorable (and profitable) outcomes don’t hinge on New Year’s resolutions, but high-tech solutions  that optimize and cultivate go-to-market strategies. So, how do businesses achieving year-over-year success pull it off? By defining hurdles… Read more »

3 Reasons to Attend Trial Lawyers Summit

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Trial Lawyer Summit in Miami January 20-23

Heading to Miami in January? Visiting the southern-most metropolis means escaping the frigid temperatures and being able to attend one of the largest conferences for trial lawyers in the country! Every year, thousands of class action lawyers from across the nation attend Trial Lawyers Summit, hosted by The National Trial Lawyers group. January 20-23, attendees… Read more »