AssureSign + LinkedIn + Dynamics 365: A Seamless CRM Integration for Your Sales Team

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AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration

Countless eSignature use cases span many industries, they are exceptionally vital  to the success of any modern sales organization as they’re the final step to complete your sales teams end-to-end process.   But with eSignatures being just one piece of this larger sales cycle… how does an organization set their selves up for success to create an entirely digital and seamless sales process? Let’s take a look at the parts that make up your basic sales cycle….   Sourcing, prospecting, product demonstrations, follow ups, pricing negotiations… all contributing fundamentals to a complete sales process that—hopefully—lead to a successful close. And while our product rests in this much desired closing phase, we’re invested in providing integrations that can simplify and streamline your… Read more »

Your Organization was Breached… Now What?

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AssureSign: Your Organization was Breached. Now what?

Data breaches and intrusion attempts aren’t the first thing on anyone’s mind when starting a business or organization, but the realities of today’s cyber ecosystem have pushed cybersecurity to the top of the priority list.   Knowledge of cyberthreats and your organization’s vulnerability have become paramount to ensuring the continued success of any company or organization. It’s this information that allows… Read more »

Change is in the Air: Fall 2017 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

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AssureSign's Fall eSignature updates and enhancements

What’s the best change about fall?… The transition from green to warm yellow-ish orange leaves?   Trading in the sweltering heat for mild days and crisp nights?   Shorter days accompanied by an extra hour of zzzzz’s?  As fall makes itself at home, we begin to see changes long anticipated by autumn-lovers everywhere. But… the best changes fall will bring have… Read more »

AssureSign’s Director of Marketing and Sales Recognized as a Marketing and Social Media Leader Finalist

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TAG One in a Millennial Award Recognizes Michelle Cloninger of AssureSign as a FInalist

At AssureSign, we pride ourselves in offering a dynamic and exceptional eSignature solution that creates extraordinary potential for businesses in multiple industries.  “Dynamic ” and “exceptional ” describe not only our product, but also our team standing behind it. Our company has a lot of moving parts, all designed to work in unison to provide an exceptional eSignature experience for… Read more »

Cybersecurity Strategy: 2 Steps to Best Your Incident Response

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Cybersecurity Strategy: 2 Steps to Best Your Incident Response

With the exponential rise of cybersecurity concerns in 2017, we’ve been focusing on a cybersecurity mini-series that demystifies and simplifies building an all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy.  We’ve identified prevalent threats, your organization’s vulnerability to those threats, outsourcing v. in-house security efforts, and the prevention measures your organization should employ—or at least consider—in building a comprehensive security infrastructure. Prevention is where most… Read more »

Jadu Adds AssureSign’s Electronic Signatures to eForms

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Jadu adds AssureSign Electronic Signatures to eForms

eSignature is often a necessary last step for enterprises within the SaaS eCommerce market. Because businesses and organizations offering SaaS rely on eSignatures to complete their solution’s transaction cycles, they often seek an eSign vendor that provides a seamless integration with their solution. That’s why enterprises like PowerObjects, SpruceBooks, and many others leverage our partnership program, AssureSign Connect.    AssureSign Connect enables our… Read more »

Cybersecurity Strategy: Turn Your Organization and Employees Into Cyber-Heroes

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Cybersecurity Strategy: Empowering Your Organization and Employees to be Cyber-Heroes

Adequately defending your organization and its digital processes heavily relies on building a robust infrastructure of preventative security measures.   Limiting user permissions, securing Wi-Fi connectivity, encrypting data, properly disposing of dated devices, and other key processes are vital functions of your cybersecurity strategy and implementation team. Lack of preventative securities leaves your data up for grabs, and no matter how different one… Read more »

Dwyer Group Reunion: Come See Your “Neighborly” eSignature Vendor for Franchises

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Dwyer Group Reunion: AssureSign is your eSignature Vendor for Franchises

Mutual benefit is the foundation on which the strongest business partnerships stand. We see this first-hand when we partner with tech-driven enterprises or lend our services to a new customer… if both parties don’t benefit, no one  benefits. That’s why we’re very excited to announce one of our newest partners, ProTradeNet! AssureSign has long helped… Read more »

Applied Net 2017: Here’s Why You Can’t Miss It!

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applied net 2017

It’s the world’s ‘largest gathering of insurance professionals’ and it’s been going strong for more than 30 years.   Applied Net is annually hosted by the Applied Client Network and is one of the most anticipated conferences by those in the insurance industry. Applied Net’s website is chock full of information that informs and excites registrants and potential attendees on… Read more »

The ONLY Checklist You Need for Your Preventative Cybersecurity Strategy

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cybersecurity strategy checklist

The previous post in our Cybersecurity strategy series addressed whether to outsource or keep cybersecurity efforts inside your organization, a critical consideration in building an effective cyberdefense strategy.  To refresh your memory: An effective cybersecurity strategy is divided into 7 characteristics, which categorize your strategy’s various entities and functions. These characteristics and independent functions can… Read more »