Identifying your eSignature Implementation Team

Getting Started

Congratulations! You’re ready to replace those paper-based processes with ones incorporating eSignatures! You’ve realized the cost advantage, conducted a thorough vetting of potential vendors, and selected the provider that fits your long term needs. Now it’s time to begin your plan for implementing eSignature technology. What’s the most important ingredient in your esignature implementation? Your… Read more »


Post-Thanksgiving-Pre-Christmas-Not-Yet-Winter Updates!

Product Updates

OK, it’s not quite “winter” officially yet, nor is it snowing here in Atlanta, but we did get our first rain in a long, long time, and we’ve rolled out some fantastic updates! Let’s call them “Post-Thanksgiving-Pre-Christmas Updates” just for fun. As always, these updates are from you and for you, because we love our customers. Sliding… Read more »


What to ask your eSignature provider (Part 2)

Getting Started

In the previous post, we shared some insights for how to narrow your choice of eSignature providers down to a short list. Now it’s time to get really specific with each vendor who is still in the running to earn your business. It’s time to put your finalists through the gauntlet. The first step is… Read more »


How to Choose Your eSignature Provider (Part 1 of 2)

Getting Started

Yogi Berra famously quipped, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Unfortunately, choosing business software providers isn’t quite so simple. Adopting and implementing electronic signatures to increase the efficiency and profitability of your business is a great step, but not one to be taken lightly. Implementing eSignatures is very much like… Read more »


Counting the Costs of eSignatures

eSignature Industry

The phrase “cost of doing business” is used so often we forget what it means. What are the costs of doing business, your business? One such cost is signatures. Yes, the physical act of signing a piece of paper costs money, mainly in the form of the paper that your customers are signing. Do you… Read more »


Introducing LocalSign 2.0 for AssureSign

Product Updates

AssureSign has been processing electronic signatures for more than 15 years. As more and more consumers and businesses embrace not using paper to complete credit card transactions and legal agreements, we remain focused on making it easier and easier to sign for anything electronically. For those who still want to actually, physically add your signature,… Read more »


We’re Opening Data Centers in Canada

News & Updates

We have had a lot of esignature customers and prospects request data centers outside the U.S. and, more specifically, in Canada. While our technology has always enabled legally binding electronic signatures on all continents, we’re happy to announce today that we will be adding to our points-of-presence data centers in Canada. If you are in… Read more »


Football, Fireplace, or Software Code Updates?

Product Updates

Fall is leaf season, fireplace season, and football season, but at AssureSign, it’s the season for new code! We’ve rolled out seven great updates since the last 90-degree day here in Atlanta, and they’re all for you, our fantastic customers! Prepare API – Submit/Prepare is available in our new V3 DocumentNOW API. This new functionality… Read more »


All Things We Love About CRMUG!


Are you headed to beautiful Tampa, FL, for CRMUG this week? You should be! CRMUG is one of the best conferences of the year for power CRM users, administrators, and developers. Here are a few of the things that we look forward to for the CRMUG conference every year… Networking – Because this conference is by, for,… Read more »