The eSignature Transformations of 2017

#Transformation Tuesday: The eSignature Transformations of 2017

2017 was quite the year. From solar eclipses to a record-setting Primetime Emmy Awards, last year was full of exciting and memorable occasions that won’t soon be forgotten.

Yet, it’s not the sun’s momentary absence or historic award wins that define what we at AssureSign loved most about 2017. Last year lent tremendous success to enterprises adopting the pivotal component of digital transformation… AssureSign’s eSignature returned more time, money and efficiency stolen by paper-laden processes to our customers than ever before!

And we think that’s a pretty big deal…

So, as we begin the millennium’s 18th year, we’re hopping on the all too relevant “#TransformationTuesday” train to look back at 2017’s top 4 #transformations brought to you by eSignatureall aboard!


#1 Tropical Smoothie Café

“It’s been an invaluable asset to remaining compliant… and all with little to no oversight!”

-Member of Tropical Smoothie Café Leadership Team

Kicking off our Transformation Tuesday trip is Tropical Smoothie Café. With more than 20 years in the health foods industry, TSC has spread its mantra of “eat better. feel better.” to nearly every region in the U.S. To franchise a new location, TSC must obtain signatures on multiple documents. Moreover, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces strict timing regulations that prevent all documents from being signed at one time.

Tropical Smoothie Café digitally #transformed its franchise process with electronic signature, alleviating frustrations left in the wake of pen to paper processes. AssureSign’s delayed signing feature allows TSC to effortlessly maintain compliance with all FTC regulations, creating a seamless franchise opening process. A great smoothie is no longer the only thing TSC can dish out with ease.

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#2 Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City

“It’s helped us streamline our business practice while allowing us to provide a quality and timely response to our volunteers.”

-Senior level employee of Junior Achievement of Kansas City

The second stop on our Transformation Tuesday journey brings us to the central U.S. Equipping all students in Kansas City schools for success in tomorrow’s workplace through real-life simulation curriculum is what Junior Achievement of Kansas City facilitates day in and day out. The nonprofit connects classrooms with local business leaders, who volunteer to work with students throughout the year. As Ja of Kansas City began to see an influx of volunteers, the completion of required code of conduct and agreement forms via pen to paper processes became unduly burdensome.

This nonprofit #transformed their volunteer onboarding process by using AssureSign’s open APIs to build a proprietary eSignature integration. After building its own eSign web form integration, JA of Kansas City enabled volunteers to effortlessly complete all necessary forms online and in a matter of minutes. With the help of JA, Kansas City students have access to experiential learning on Transformation Tuesday … and Wednesday … and Thursday … and … well, you get the idea. 

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#3 United BioSource Corporation (UBC)

“… AssureSign agents find an answer for us no matter what. These are simply the kind of peoples you want to do business with, period.

-Senior level employee of United BioSource Corporation (UBC)

United BioSource Corporation (UBC) is our third stop on our Transformation Tuesday train, but they’re the first partner  to make the list! UBC optimizes patient healthcare services by working with partnering drug companies to execute administrative, financial and enhanced clinical support directly to patients. Signed consent, in addition to other required forms, took days to be printed, shipped, signed and returned, significantly delaying UBC’s ability to extend services.

With AssureSign’s open and flexible APIs, UBC #transformed its arduous process with a custom-built eSignature integration, white-labeled directly into its pre-existing health portal. AssureSign not only helps UBC’s budget stay in the green, we empower UBC to provide critical medical support to the patients who can’t afford another day’s wait.

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#4 PowerObjects

“When I show the customers the technology, they get excited, too. It’s made me a better salesperson.”

-Sales Representative of PowerObjects

We have one final stop before de-boarding the Transformation Tuesday Express…

Considered a “go-to partner” in the world of Microsoft Dynamics, PowerObjects provides advanced service, support, education, and add-ons to the users of Dynamics 365. With an impressive suite of 365 enhancements, PowerObjects aims to improve its consumers’ sales, marketing, and overall productivity through a global team that spans more than seventeen countries. Providing world-class service to a growing CRM audience requires PowerObjects to scout and hire capable talent. As the company grew, its time-laden process to print, send, sign and receive hiring contracts and onboarding paperwork wasn’t meeting muster.

After leveraging AssureSign’s premiere Dynamics 365 eSignature integration, PowerObjects #transformed its onboarding process without adopting additional software or applications. Our eSignature integration with Microsoft’s CRM enables PowerObjects to sustain growth by hiring the talent they need… faster. Furthermore, AssureSign’s eSignature isn’t just #transforming PowerObject’s internal growth… customers, too, benefit by seeing the #transformative power of eSignature.

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There you have it! The best of the best  #transformations eSignature offered up in 2017!

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