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3 Reasons to Attend Trial Lawyers Summit

Heading to Miami in January?

Visiting the southern-most metropolis means escaping the frigid temperatures and being able to attend one of the largest conferences for trial lawyers in the country!

Every year, thousands of class action lawyers from across the nation attend Trial Lawyers Summit, hosted by The National Trial Lawyers group. January 20-23, attendees will again have the opportunity to network and brush up on emerging trends in trial law.



Because we’re attending, we wanted to find the best opportunities awaiting at Trial Lawyers Summit… here’s three highlights you can’t miss:


1. “Actionable” Agenda

What stands out most about the Trial Lawyers Summit’s agenda is its executable material.

The workshops, sessions, and even keynote addresses have take-aways you can easily implement.

For example, the “Trial Skills from the Legends, Masters and Giants of Trial Law” session. Moderated by Mark Lanier and Howard Nations, the collection of eleven sessions provide “33 rules to bring your trial to another level” that “immerse each attendee into the inner-workings of the minds and mindsets of some of America’s renowned and successful courtroom advocates…”

Each individual session focuses on three rules—crafted by highly experienced lawyers and experts—for a given topic or element executed during a trial. Topics range from determining jurors, to preparing witnesses, to methods of cross-examination. The thirty-three rules discussed across all eleven sessions culminate to a full-scoped trial-winning strategy that attendees can enact as soon as their next case.

Another workshop with tangible take-aways is the “Expand Your Practice—Med Mal, Mass Torts, and Class Action!” workshop. Occurring on the last day of the Summit, this workshop offers an assortment of tools, rather than an infrastructure buildout. Attendees will be exposed to crucial  pillars of a trial law firm’s success, like leveraging the evolving digital media landscape… bringing us to the second “can’t miss” highlight:


Trial Lawyer can schedule demo ahead of the Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami January 20-23


2. Success = Digital Marketing Competence

Our newest addition to the AssureSign leadership team, Michelle Reape, director of marketing said it best…

Michelle Reape, Director of Marketing at AssureSign

“The amount of focus the Summit is placing on digital marketing and its vitality in maintaining a competitive edge is outstanding! Digital marketing has a huge impact on a business’s success. Seeing this level of appreciation and dedication outside the marketing domain is exceptional and a value-add to attendees.”

The Trial Lawyers Summit has an entire  workshop devoted to educating law partners, associates and staff on the elements of digital marketing and its importance in the legal sector.

Attendees will learn elements pertinent to SEO, pay per click, and ROI of leveraging consumer reviews.

And the focus on “digital” doesn’t stop at marketing…


3. Intakes and Conversions: A Digital Overhaul.

It’s critical for trial law firms to have a well-rounded and successful way of procuring business. When firms convert their existing intake/conversion process to a digital platform, they see a much greater return with less  effort.

We’ve seen firms double their business in half  the time after adopting emerging technology like AssureSign’s Text to Sign feature. Enabling prospects to sign documents on a phone diminishes onboarding to minutes–sometimes seconds–a utility that leads to more clients, faster!

Yet, many firms haven’t leveraged emerging SMS technology or digital intake/conversion solutions.

In the “Intake and Conversion: What You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know” session, attendees will experience panel and seminar style sessions that discuss why firms failing to embrace innovative methods of consumer consumption will ultimately falter in 2019.

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