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3 Takeaways from D365UG / CRMUG Summit 2018

Dynamics 365 User Group, commonly known as D365UG, encompasses the largest base of professional Dynamics 365 users.

The group falls under the larger umbrella organization, Dynamic Communities, which aims to bring continued learning and networking opportunities to users of various tech stacks.

From Power Bi to AX to CRM, D365UG helps Dynamics users across the world come together by hosting the largest  user-generated Dynamics conference in the U.S. D365UG Summit.

As Dynamics CRM power users, we here at AssureSign always look for ways to streamline our go-to-market (GTM) strategy…which is why we look forward to the suite of D365 enhancements, technologies and apps showcased at D365UG’s CRMUG Summit!



It’s hard to pick favorites, but D365UG / CRMUG Summit never fails to offer up key takeaways that stand out.

Here’s our top three for 2018:

1. Automate and Grow Your GTM Service Strategy

CRMUG Summit kicked off with its annual keynote address hosted by James Phillips, Microsoft’s Corporate VP.

Incorporating solution demos across a variety of industries, James stressed the importance of being proactive—rather than reactive—in service strategies. To drive his point home, James offered an analogy, “it’s the difference between knowing when a snowmobile is going to break versus when it’s broken.”

Three new applications—Dynamics 365 AI for Marketing, AI for Sales and AI for Customer Service—form the data suite capable of evolving manual, disjointed workflows into an automated and proactive service structure.

Using AI for Marketing, your team can craft customer journeys unique to individual interests and what they’re in the market for. Synergic data from online chat bots, AI, social scaling applications and similar apps help marketeers “grade” leads and, eventually, qualify them.

When qualified, leads migrate seamlessly into the AI for Sales environment and are assigned to your team of sales representatives. Reps can utilize features like lead scoring and robust integrations like AssureSign’s 3-in-1 LinkedIn and Dynamics integration, which encompasses the power of LinkedIn Navigator and Dynamics CRM, to engage with prospects. The new app also provides analytics and metrics on employee performance—enabling sales managers to quickly identify pain points and challenges.

Whether coming directly from AI for Sales or another company source, leads and existing customers can be transferred to the AI for Customer Service environment in Dynamics. The lead or customer is immediately assigned a dedicated service engineer, who’s equipped with the digital tools necessary to service the case.


2. Optimize Operations. Empower Employees. 

Another business application unveiled at D365UG / CRMUG Summit is Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

Remote Assist modernizes field operations by automating your entire front-to-back infrastructure, allowing your operations team capitalize on their time and resources.

Despite its myriad functions, the most attractive (and coolest) element of Remote Assist is its “mixed reality” experience. The HoloLens hardware allows your customers, retail associates and service engineers to video conference in a virtual, 3D reality.



One of its most helpful and impressive features? Users can see exactly  what their customers see, creating a rapid troubleshooting turnaround. After identifying the issue, you can live stream relevant instructions or other visual materials into the customer’s reality environment. How’s that for a futuristic touch?


3. Improve Product Knowledge

Microsoft is making it easier for users to increase product knowledge.

Azure, Office and Dynamics 365 users now have access to free resources like step-by-step tutorials, hands-on learning environments, coding sandboxes and more via Microsoft’s new learning platform, Microsoft Learn.

The platform involves learning paths and certifications that users can earn after successfully completing milestones and learning exams. Over 60+ hours of free learning await anyone choosing to visit the platform at www.Microsoft.com/Learn.

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