A Momentous Year: A note from the CEO

A Momentous Year: A note from President and CEO David Brinkman

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of announcing a record year in 2015 – doubling our client roster and growing our insurance clients by 40 percent. Our success this past year is indicative not only of our ability to grow and remain nimble with the changes of our customers and clients, but also of our ability to keep up with the pace of technological innovation.

Mobile First Strategy

As I mentioned this past week on Atlanta’s Biz1190, a key reason why we’re experiencing so much momentum has to do with a direction we took years ago with our electronic signature solution – a mobile first strategy.

Today, individuals are using multiple devices to accomplish any single task and smartphones and iPad devices have officially outpaced the use of laptops, according to comScore. This, coupled with rise of “digital natives” into today’s workforce are creating major changes to the ways in which companies operate, engage with customers and, overall, grow revenue.

When we first set out to re-invent the dotted line 15 years ago, we identified these changes on the horizon, which is why we sought to make our electronic signature solution more mobile, easy to use and the most integrated on the market. Being an entrepreneur for decades, I never stop thinking ahead when it comes to innovation. Our mobile-first approach didn’t end when we first founded AssureSign in 1999. This past year, we acquired Third Party Verification, Inc., (3PV), an industry leader in third party verification (TPV) software, making us the only leading electronic signature provider to offer verbal signature services. Stay tuned for exciting new product announcements this year as a result of this acquisition.


Putting Customers First

Another reason why we’ve experienced a record year in 2015 has to do with our commitment to putting our customers first in everything we do – from customer service and initial onboarding, to product R&D and client management. We truly care about our customers and want to grow with them.

In March 2015, we announced a new delayed signing feature for our franchise clients that enabled Firehouse Subs and others to not only electronically send new agreements and receive a signature of receipt, but also keep these agreements in line with the Federal Trade Commission standard procedures – such standards that our franchise clients originally had to monitor. This process has now been automated.

Our insurance clients have experienced huge success in customer satisfaction and have significantly reduced their customer onboarding process by integrating our electronic signature, which is why we want to continue to innovate with our clients. Last year, we added a general manager for global insurance solutions, Dianna George, who will help us continue to meet the technological needs of today’s insurers. In fact, we’re already identifying new insurance tech trends in 2016.

We also announced new features to our electronic signature solution, including drag-and-drop, in-line markups and customized template saving features. These new upgrades makes our e-signature solution the fastest on the market.


Keeping Up with Technological Change

In sum, what began as a small verification solution for a leading telecommunications company 15 years ago has grown into one of the most trusted providers of electronic signatures for leading companies in government, insurance, franchise and finance sectors. We’ve completed more than 300 million electronic signature transactions!

Our momentous year in 2015 highlights our ability to keep up with the pace of technological change among our customers – and it tells us we’re doing something right when it comes to automating business processes.

We look forward to another exciting year as we continue to re-invent the dotted line – won’t you join us?


David Brinkman

President and CEO AssureSign.com

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