Why We Ditched Data Centers for the Cloud

A Virtual Reality: Why We Ditched Data Centers for the Cloud

For the past decade, AssureSign has benefitted from the flexibility and ease-of-use that the cloud provides. As the cloud has continued to improve its security, efficiency and affordability, it made sense for use to move our entire operations into the cloud, from electronic signature software to verbal signature services. We’re thrilled to join the growing number of companies that are now fully virtual.

By leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure components, we can now offer our customers an even faster, more efficient electronic signature experience. Here’s what our customers can expect.

1. Voice recognition upgrades

By moving our verbal signature services to the cloud, our voice recognition services and text-to-speech capabilities are now quicker, more efficient and easier to use. For example, voice recognition updates were always hard to quantify and expensive to implement. From the staff to manage the upgrade to the new licenses to purchase, it was difficult to keep up and find a true ROI. With our speech recognition now virtual, we can focus on delivering our customers a great holistic experience while ensuring the technology is the latest and greatest.

2. Greater focus on our products
Like I just eluded to, becoming fully operational in the cloud has eliminated the need for back-end maintenance of hardware infrastructure, creating more room for us to focus on what we do best – providing the most innovative and seamless electronic signature solutions for our customers and partners. We’ve adopted the philosophy of focusing on our strengths while leveraging the strengths of our partners.

3. Higher degree of flexibility
Operating within the cloud enables our services and offerings to have greater bandwidth capabilities and create greater opportunities for business growth. Even better, cloud computing gives us enhanced operational agility, so we can support the needs of our customers quicker and more efficiently. Our implementation of the cloud auto-scaling is another way we build in flexibility. More resources are added or removed depending upon several predetermined factors allowing us to meet unexpected customer demand without limitation.

4. More focus on automation
Outside of the increased efficiency and the renewed focus on product innovation and strategy, operating in the cloud will create automated software upgrades and revisions to our operating systems and our clients’ operating systems. Automating these tasks will help keep us ahead of the curve in meeting the changing needs of our customers.

In sum, cloud adoption is becoming the primary way in which businesses operate, due to the efficiency, flexibility and automation that cloud computing provides. We’re dedicated to not only meeting the needs of our customers, but also anticipating needs ahead of time so our users and partners can continue to provide seamless services to their customers.

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