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Acxiom Finds AssureSign Electronic Signature Technology Efficient Solution for Employment Screening Authorizations

Biometric Electronic Signatures Increase Efficiency and Expedite Authorizations

ORLANDO, FLA. — (June 2, 2009) — AssureSign LLC’s Electronic Signature Technology has been selected by Acxiom® Corporation (Nasdaq: ACXM) to support its background screening business. As a pioneer in the employment screening industry, Acxiom is the single source, most highly customer-centric background screening solution available, providing the highest hit rates and the most comprehensive compliance expertise in the industry.

Acxiom’s clients hire thousands of new employees each month, which translates into thousands of background screening check authorization forms and I-9 forms that must be signed and processed. In many cases signatures are required from both the employee and the employer. Acxiom has integrated AssureSign’s web-based electronic signature solution into its website, eliminating the need to send paper contracts to employees and wait for them to be signed and returned. As a result, the document signing process is abbreviated from days to just minutes, and the signatures are legally binding and forensically identifiable.

Since the entire AssureSign Electronic Signature process is tracked digitally, users have a complete forensic audit trail of the delivery and signing process. They know exactly when documents are received, when they are signed, and who has or has not signed them, giving them complete control over the signing process. With the implementation of AssureSign, Acxiom can assign each incoming document a unique identification number, enabling the entire process to remain paperless.

“Our team spent months evaluating different e-signature vendors,” says Mike Cool, vice president and general manager of Acxiom Information Security Services. “We wanted a solution that would be easy to integrate with our web-based applications, and from our experience serving the background screening industry, we also felt it was critical to choose a vendor that could obtain biometric signatures without any special software or hardware requirements for Acxiom or the signatories. AssureSign’s API made the integration process quick, straightforward and inexpensive to implement.”

“With just a mouse, an Internet connection and AssureSign’s patent-pending electronic signatures, Acxiom is able to streamline their business practices and simplify the authorization process for clients and their employees,” said David W. Brinkman, chief executive officer of AssureSign LLC. “We know of no other background screening company that can entirely eliminate the burden of faxing hardcopies of applicant releases. With the implementation of electronic signature capabilities, Acxiom can deliver complete background reports in a paperless environment.”

Acxiom provides legally compliant reports, including 100 percent in-person/real-time criminal record checks, fingerprinting, drug testing, credit reports, verification services and driving records. Especially for companies with large employee populations dispersed across many locations, Acxiom has reduced employee turnover and related costs by up to 50 percent while also saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee theft annually.

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