Applied Net ’15 Day ONE: Exploring Mobility & Expedience for Insurance Agents

Applied Net ’15 Day ONE: Exploring Mobility & Expedience for Insurance Agents

With a nearly 200% growth in attendees, day one of Applied Net 2015 started off the forward-thinking insurance conversation with insightful discussion on what today’s digital consumer requires, the importance of mobility for insurance agents and best practices about how to leverage big data.

Highlights included keynotes from Applied Systems CEO Reid French on the future of insurance and how to adapt to today’s highly mobile world. Former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Madeleine K. Albright closed out the keynote about the importance of data in leading the next generation.

Expounding on this year’s conference theme, “The Digital Future of Insurance,” the keynote and session speakers reiterated the fact that the insurance industry will see big changes in the coming decade, primarily in the areas of mobility and workflow expedience.

Forrester Research analyst Ellen Carney declared today in her Mobile Matters session, “not getting mobile right will mean irrelevancy.”

Analyst Steve Anderson delivered a similar, straightforward statement in his session on customer experience by saying that, “past success no longer guarantees future success in the insurance industry – it’s a new time.”


Knowing that yesterday is in the past, what do insurance agencies and brokers need to do now to ensure the success of tomorrow?

That was the big question for discussion throughout the day. The answer, it seems, is two-fold.


1. Carriers, agencies and brokers must be mobile ready

They must be sure they’re hitting all of the mobile must-haves. According to a recent Accenture survey, 47 percent of insurance customers are already using a tablet or a smart phone to complete some portion of insurance selection, purchase and/or completion of paperwork. Agencies MUST ensure that this experience, from the first customer signature to the final execution, is seamless on all devices.

Reid French put it best this morning, “Agencies willing to adopt the digital age are best set to grow.”


2. Expediency is expected on both sides

For agents, workflows on both personal computers and mobile devices need to be faster and easier to complete than ever before. Expedience is not only a customer expectation, but also an expectation within the industry overall that’s facing stiffer competition and moving at a faster pace than ever.


AssureSign understands this critical need for expedience on both sides of the insurance signature. In fact, yesterday, we unveiled our new, streamlined interface that makes it easy to create and send a document for signing in nine clicks or fewer.

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