Applied Net 2017: Here's Why You Can't Miss It!

Applied Net 2017: Here’s Why You Can’t Miss It!

It’s the world’s ‘largest gathering of insurance professionals’ and it’s been going strong for more than 30 years.  

Applied Net is annually hosted by the Applied Client Network and is one of the most anticipated conferences by those in the insurance industryApplied Net’s website is chock full of information that informs and excites registrants and potential attendees on all the conference has to offer.  

While the wealth of knowledge on the site covers what to expect from conference sessionsregistration detailskeynote speakers, and evening events, we wanted the inside scoop on everything Applied Net! We picked the brain of Brian Langerman, Chief Executive Officer for Applied Client Network, who clued us in on what makes Applied Net the ‘can’t miss’ conference for those in the insurance sector.  

Who Goes to Applied Net?

As the flagship conference to one of the most prominent insurance networking groups in the U.S., Applied Net’s attendance has steadily grown since its inception 31 years ago and is set to host a record-breaking 3,100+ attendees at the end of September.  

Attendees come from all over the country to attend various sessions with knowledgeable keynote speakers–and some pretty great after-hours events. Most attendees, roughly 80%, belong to one of Applied Client Network’s 55+ local chapters and fall into one of four membership tears: 

  • Licensed User Membership: Licensed Applied Epic, Applied TAM, Applied Vision and Applied DORIS users. 
  • Insurance Carrier Associate Membership: Carriers can promote their download, real-time, & automated data exchange solutions. 
  • General Associate Membership: Third party vendors in an insurance or automation related position whose business is the sale, marketing, or promotion of insurance products.  
  • Consultant Associate Membership: Technical personnel and automation consultants whose business provides technical and automation services for hardware and software used by insurance agents and brokers.  

What to Expect from Applied Net 2017.

The sessions were designed with the theme of this year’s conference in mind: The Digital Transformation of Insurance. 

Applied Net offers attendees 200+ sessions, which are categorized into one of ten tracks based on topic and subject matter. The ten tracks simplify the deciphering of sessions that pertain to an attendee’s personal or business interests: 

  1. Management 
  2. The Cloud 
  3. System Administration & IT 
  4. Your Management System and Microsoft 
  5. Data Analytics 
  6. Mobility 
  7. Connecting with Customers 
  8. Canada 
  9. Connecting to Insurers 
  10. Applied TAM 

Attendees will enjoy various session styles, including: traditional presentations, ted talks, white boarding sessions, roundtable discussions, and other non-traditional styles.  

The Applied Net theme over the past two to three years has pivoted on digital trends within the insurance sector, and this year’s conference will continue to build on that momentum.  

“When agents, brokers, and agencies embrace digital innovation within the insurance industry, they’re simultaneously embracing new business paradigms that often lead to better service for existing customers and new client acquisition.”

-Brian Langerman, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Client Network 

As part of Applied Net’s advocating for adoption of tech innovation, attendees will learn of ways the industry has already capitalized on digital processes, how agencies can continue to generate innovation, and ways of translating digital transformations to customer retention and acquisition.  

In addition to informative and best-in-class conference sessions, Applied Net has numerous other favorable components… 

What’s Unique About Applied Net 2017?

Applied Net Certificate Program  

The Applied Net Certificate Program allows attendees to become certified in different areas of interest, such as Applied Epic and Applied TAM systems. Attendees can easily identify which sessions are needed to gain desired certifications and can earn multiple specialty area certificates, if desired!  

Keynote Speakers 

Another enticement to attend is the host of notable keynote and session speakers. Admiral William H. McRaven, four-star admiral and former commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, and Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos and published author are at the top of the highly anticipated roster. Our friend, Brian, is scheduled to make an address at the conference alongside many other industry experts and innovators.  

… and more! 

Applied Net is one of few conferences that provides a wide range of knowledge in such a consolidated format. While attendees will unquestionably have opportunity to engage in unparalleled communication, education, and advocacy learning opportunities, one of the other largely favorable components of Applied Net is the opportunity to network ! Applied Net is one of the largest networking opportunities in the insurance field, and those who have previously attended will tell you no different. Education coupled with networking opportunity contribute greatly to making Applied Net insurance’s ‘can’t miss’ conference! 

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