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AssureSign® Boasts Record Results in 2011

Advancements Earn Company Industry Recognition.

Orlando, Fla. (January 24, 2012) — AssureSign LLC, a leader in electronic signature software, today announced that the company experienced significant growth encompassing various facets of the organization in 2011. AssureSign continues to lead the electronic signature market with record growth in all aspects of the business, further establishing itself as a major provider of enterprise-class electronic signature software solutions.

AssureSign’s sales growth is exemplified by numerous new customer acquisitions in 2011, mostly comprised of large enterprise and on-premise deployments, quadrupling AssureSign’s customer base, and increasing signing volume by more than 500%, with some of the largest users processing between 20,000 and 30,000 documents each month. AssureSign’s deep integration capabilities enable embedded implementations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint and other Microsoft partner applications, making it the foremost electronic signature solution for enterprise users. Substantial international responsiveness to recent sales and marketing efforts is an indication of the widespread acceptance and adoption of electronic signatures, and AssureSign’s customization capabilities and the option to deploy on-premise or online have generated significant competitive displacements, further substantiating AssureSign’s position as a leader in electronic signature software.

AssureSign’s partner network grew exponentially in 2011. Most notably, the company achieved the esteem honor of becoming a Silver Depth Managed Microsoft Partner, affirming Microsoft’s recognition of the importance of electronic signature software solutions. As a result, AssureSign sponsored several Microsoft events throughout 2011, including Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Convergence, Extreme CRM, several Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 roll-out events and partner events, among others. Additionally, AssureSign established integration, reseller and integration partner agreements with leading providers in insurance policy administration applications and enterprise content management (ECM), as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint implementation partners.

2011 reaffirmed AssureSign’s leadership in the Insurance market, demonstrating integrations with six different industry-leading partners at the 2011 ACORD LOMA Insurance Systems Forum and IASA Educational Conference and Business Show, where AssureSign and its partners demonstrated proven deployments with policy administration systems, document management systems and document creation systems.

AssureSign closed out 2011 with a headquarters move to a facility with space for its ongoing growth and a state-of-the-art data center with a redesigned core to accommodate higher capacity and faster internet speeds.

“We are very pleased and excited by the fantastic growth and achievement we experienced over the last year. The company’s results and performance continue to climb, and we have achieved some very important operational milestones,” said David W. Brinkman, President and CEO of AssureSign. “Our success has been powered by our ability to listen to our clients’ evolving needs and to leverage our technology to provide real business solutions. Our growth in 2011 was tremendous, and we have marked 2012 to be a year of even greater innovation, delivering top of the line solutions to the marketplace.

About AssureSign LLC
AssureSign LLC is a Silver Depth Managed Microsoft Partner and a leading provider of web-based and on-premise electronic signature software, enabling users to obtain both written and verbal authorizations.  AssureSign provides the most integrated and feature-rich APIs available and features a unique, patent-pending technology allowing for the execution of any document with forensically identifiable, biometric signatures or typed ‘certified’ signatures. AssureSign is a highly secure and flexible “cloud computing” application, and the only e-signature provider with a four year track record of providing customers with 99.99% uptime in a multi-site data center with SSAE 16 (formerly SAS 70) Type II certification extending to all aspects of the enterprise. Using the standards-based DocumentNOW® and DocumentTRAK™ integration tools, AssureSign can easily integrate with existing business processes within any enterprise, regardless of size. AssureSign’s experience extends over 11 years and comprises more than 150 million unique signature events. AssureSign customers consistently experience dramatic cost savings, as well as significant reduction in the time to execute documents. For more information visit or follow AssureSign on Twitter at