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AssureSign Connect Revamp Delivers More Benefits to eSign Partners

For more than 17 years, AssureSign has provided B2B and B2C companies and organizations with solutions that afford convenience and rapidity for businesses and consumers alike. eSignature provides a host of opportunities for enterprises that choose to simplify and digitally transform their document lifecycles… increased velocity, more time and decreased cost, to name a few.

Extraneous costs such as shipping charges, printing supplies, document storage, and administrative overhead are nearly eliminated after implementing an electronic means of obtaining signatures. Yet, for many of our users, eliminating cost is only the beginning of budgetary surplus.

AssureSign Connect: Premier Opportunities for Premier Partners

AssureSign Connect, the eSignature industry’s only premier partner program with a proven revenue stream, is designed to foster and generate shared success by lending the opportunity to either bundle eSignature solutions with existing products, or refer third-parties to AssureSign.

Since the turn of the Millennium, AssureSign Connect has not only provided partners with guaranteed revenue streams, but has also enabled enhanced client experiences and increased brand exposure.

Additionally, AssureSign Connect has provided partners with:

  • streamlined business processes (for partners and their  customers);
  • increased brand exposure via previously untapped markets;
  • white labeling for complete branding control;
  • additional revenue streams; and
  • overall improved customer experience.

With unparalleled partner investment, it should come as no surprise that “invested” is one of four foundational values that drive our bottom line.


Put simply… when our partners thrive, we thrive!…

And it’s because we’re interested in propelling prosperity among our partners that we’ve revamped AssureSign Connect! We revisited the drawing board with an end-goal of strengthening what already makes our partner program effective while expanding the gamut of opportunity to generate even more benefit!

AssureSign Connect eSignature partner program

Partner Goals = Our Goals.

The AssureSign Connect eSignature partner program will continue to offer two partner pathways… allowing businesses and organizations to choose the path best suited for their business model, market and goals.

The Referral and Reseller pathways promote revenue and business growth, and both pathways have many similar benefits and advantages… Yet, each path is also comprised of unique  elements—best aligned with its targeted, “good fit” partners. It’s this benefit and advantage versatility that allows AssureSign Connect to be advantageous for nearly every company and organization!

AssureSign Connect eSignature partner program: Reseller


Become an AssureSign Reseller Partner

As an AssureSign Reseller partner, your company can grow its revenue stream by simply integrating our software into existing business services and tools. Resellers can utilize AssureSign through CRM applications, desktop applications, front and back office systems, web portals and more! Resellers are still guaranteed the proven AssureSign connect revenue stream through preferred rates and autonomy over retail pricing for their  customers. The reseller’s customers will continue to enjoy an exceptional, integrated experience and  the full power of AssureSign’s eSignature working in tandem with the reseller’s product or service.

A “Good Fit” Reseller Partner

Businesses producing SaaS solutions that would benefit from an integrated eSign component are superb candidates for the Reseller partner pathway! By white labeling AssureSign’s product, resellers can embed their  company’s visual branding throughout their end-customer’s entire signing process. The end result: visual branding consistency, allowing resellers to present their solution as one, unified product.

What’s New for Reseller Partners

  • Enhanced Support: AssureSign Reseller partners will now enjoy guided support via an assigned partnership development manager. Partner managers help resell partners maximize success in AssureSign’s partner program through collaborative sales reviews and training. Resellers will also enjoy access to continued eSign education, phone support, and “AssureSign Champion” assistance.

  • Marketing Hub: AssureSign’s marketing and sales collateral is now readily available to reselling partners! Customer success stories, eSignature white papers, electronic signature eBooks and eGuides, solution fact sheets… all at a reseller’s fingertips. What’s more, AssureSign can work with independent resell partners to co-navigate marketing initiatives aimed at driving mutual success.

  • Streamlined Sub-Accounts: We’ve streamlined the method of requesting and maintaining “sub-accounts”—accounts that a partner “sells” to their  customers. Resellers can easily create sub-accounts using the AssureSign web portal and will receive monthly analytics along with partner invoices to help with reporting needs.

AssureSign Connect eSignature partners

AssureSign Connect eSignature partner program: ResellerReferral

Become an AssureSign Referral Partner

Like the Reseller path, the Referral partner pathway, too, provides lucrative revenue streams via successful referrals of other businesses and organizations. Referral partners have complete control over their level of partner engagement–self-selected partner status–and are not expected to own marketing/sales initiatives like reselling partners. Referral partners simply log new referral leads using the AssureSign Opportunity Form and receive commissions from successfully onboarded clients! The best part? Referral partners still receive full access to AssureSign favorites like a free  sandbox environment, eSignature APIs, and continuing eSign education via their AssureSign partner manager.

A “Good Fit” Referral Partner

We think of our referral partners as natural brand ambassadors! The folks that get excited by the benefits of eSign are the best referral partners… it’s their enthusiasm that yields organic and endless opportunities (for them and  us!). The cost reductions, increased velocity, decreased overhead, risk mitigation and efficiencies tend to get people talking about the perks of eSign. Our referral partners are no different… they simply gain revenue from it (thumbs up).

What’s New for Referral Partners

  • Same Perks, Different Pathway: Referral partners receive the same new benefits as resellers! Enhanced support including a partnership manager, the AssureSign marketing hub, and effortless referral logging are now available to referral partner users.

  • Benefit Tiers: Go for the Gold!… or maybe Platinum is a better fit? Every business is different, so we’ve created more options for AssureSign referral partners. Referral users will select a tier—Silver, Gold, or Platinum—that determines their level of commission, benefit and support!

AssureSign Connect eSignature Partner Program: Referral Partner Tiers

  • Marketing Opportunities: We continue to invest in the success of our partners through enhanced marketing opportunities! Referral partners can enjoy a premier repertoire of co-ventured marketing opportunities, such as co-published press releases, blog posts, success stories and more! These traditional and non-traditional campaigns bolster our partners’ online presence as well as maximize sales inquiries—we smell a win-win.

Your business is different from those both within and outside your industry, which is why you deserve a partner program that’s as unique as your needs… And with even more newly added benefits, there’s never  been a better time to become an AssureSign Connect partner! Whether it’s via the Reseller or Referral pathway, AssureSign continues to offer the advantage your enterprise requires to thrive in today’s market.

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