Recap: 2020 Customer Advisory Panel | AssureSign

Recap: 2020 Customer Advisory Panel

Greatness is rarely achieved in isolation, which is why we consider AssureSign’s annual Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) to be the most beneficial (and fun) event of the year!

Here at AssureSign, we’ve routinely sought and valued feedback dating back to our humble beginnings in 2000. However, last year, our leadership team decided to expand our approach to obtaining customer and partner feedback. We wanted to build on our well-established and organic routes of garnering ideas and thoughts with a formalized, qualitative piece.  

In 2019, we developed what AssureSign now considers to be a two-pronged approach to consumer feedback. One ‘prong’ representing our established organic methods, which includes aggregating data from conversations between customers and our Customer Success agents, Knowledge Base and AssureSign Community queries, partner relationships, and several other sources. Our second ‘prong,’ however, encompasses a dedicated forum for thoughtful and collaborative feedback, otherwise known as the AssureSign Customer Advisory Panel!

We introduced CAP last year as an assembly of key customers and partners from multiple industries and verticals, offering unique industry challenges and opportunities from across the market’s gamut. After the inaugural Panel’s conclusion, the consensus among attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what a couple of our panelists had to say…

“[The panel] provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about the AssureSign roadmap and future solution enhancements.

-Rod Vesling, Vice President and General Manager of MagTek

“We were extremely happy to learn about the options AssureSign offers Dynamics CRM and SharePoint [users], which are significantly better than options offered by other document signing providers.”

-Richard Bishop, IT System Administrator, Auric Energy

We took this momentum and continued to build on CAPs accomplishments during this year’s session, which took place last month (February 2020).

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the soon to come (or already released) updates and enhancements our panelists tested for feedback prior to their rollout:

1. Universal Digital Signature Enhancement

Digital signatures, while not as widely utilized as their electronic signature counterparts, are essential for highly regulated industries or for organizations that otherwise adhere to heightened security protocols. Digital signatures require both the document’s originator and recipient to have an assigned key administered by the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Think of these digitally acquired keys as you would your thumbprint, with the document acting as your smartphone would. Only your thumbprint can grant access and it’s so unique that it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to fraudulently generate (read more about the difference between electronic and digital signature).

Have a heavily utilized generic or universal form? AssureSign’s static link feature empowers you to build the document template once and share the form as often as you like, to as many people as you like! Each completed document comes back in its own, separate file, making for easy organization and storage!

3. Enhanced Security Options

We’re constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to protect our customers and our customer’s customers. Our Customer Advisory panelists tested and provided feedback for several new security features, all either already available or soon to be released. Among these features are two-factor authentication, knowledge base authentication for Simple Setup users, and enhanced universal digital signatures, to name a few.