Fall 2017 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

Change is in the Air: Fall 2017 eSignature Updates and Enhancements

What’s the best change about fall?…

The transition from green to warm yellow-ish orange leaves?  

Trading in the sweltering heat for mild days and crisp nights?  

Shorter days accompanied by an extra hour of zzzzz’s? 

As fall makes itself at home, we begin to see changes long anticipated by autumn-lovers everywhere. But… the best changes fall will bring have little to do with mother nature or father time and everything  to do with eSignature updates and enhancements. 

Check out our Fall line-up of eSignature updates and enhancements: 

  • Jotblock Validators: Simplified customer process = higher (and faster) completion rate. We know it. You know it. Which is why we’re enabling you to remove a step from your signer’s process. Jotblock validators allow you to prefill any area on a document with known information about the signer (name, phone number, address, gender, etc.). 


eSignature, jotblock, dynamic jotblock


  • Smarter Envelopes: Our new envelope features pass the customer-centric test with flying colors and is sure to earn you an A+ with customers! AssureSign envelopes now offer custom options to ease the signer’s process. You now have the option to 
  1. allow signers to decline an entire envelope of documents or individual documents within the envelope,
  2. allow signers to view all documents in the envelope or only the documents requiring a signature,
  3. allow multiple signers (with multiple emails) to sign in an unspecified or specified order, and 
  4. choose from multiple language settings for signer directions. 
  • Templates: The day has come! Our simple set-up interface is now equipped with templates! Users of simple set-up can now create templates for documents that are repeatedly sent out for signature to many, most, or all customers! Does the bulk of your eSignature use case pertain to the same one, two, five documents? Now you can create and save a template to use with a document every time you send it! This feature has long been available to users of our classic set-up interface, but the simplistic interface, yet sophisticated functionality of simple set-up has become highly sought after by customers and others in the electronic signature market. No more choosing between simple set-up and templates… you get the best of both worlds!


Templates for Simple Setup: Assuresign Fall eSignature updates and enhancements


  • *Unified User Login: With the newest AssureSign 6.0 release, many AssureSign environments will be accessed through a central login portal. No more multiple usernames and passwords… many of your AssureSign accounts and environments will become immediately accessible after logging into our unified user login portal. Forget Amazon and Whole Foods… that’s  what we call a beautiful merger! Click here to find out which credentials you should use with the new portal along with other specifics about unified user login! 

Microsoft Azure: AssureSign Fall 2017 eSignature updates and enhancements

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