AssureSign: Hot Vendor in Digital Transaction Management

AssureSign Highlighted as a Hot Vendor in Digital Transaction Management

📢  UPDATE: December 4, 2017

It may have cooled down since June when AssureSign was recognized by Aragon Research as a 2017 Hot Vendor, but eSignature’s momentum in digital transaction management (DTM) continues to sizzle  

This week, we’re heading to the San Francisco Bay Area for Aragon’s Hot Vendor & Innovation Awards Ceremony, where selected vendors will be recognized for their notable influence on the DTM spectrum. If you’re in the area, you can register to attend (… for free ) an exclusive “Women in Tech” panel hosted by

with the awards ceremony to follow!

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AssureSign: The Electronic Signature Industry's Leading eSignature Solution

July 6, 2017

AssureSign’s hot, red hot! In looking for leaders in the Digital Transaction Management (DTM) sector, Aragon highlighted AssureSign as an innovator in their newly published “Hot Vendors in Digital Transaction Management, 2017” ((2017-27) Jim Lundy, June 29, 2017). Click here to access the full report–for FREE

Who is Aragon?

As thought leaders, Aragon has 50+ years of end user, vendor, and analyst knowhow. The research firm’s main objective is to provide its audience—enterprises of all sizes—with information and insight to aid business technology decision making. Part of the firm’s mission in providing innovative and worthwhile digital research is to identify vendors in various subsets of the tech industry and highlight how their products or services enhances current business processes and expands capabilities.

What is Digital Transaction Management?

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) is the catalyst for speed, automation and velocity, all very important components when considering the future success of an enterprise or industry. These cloud-based management systems enable full digital tracking of documents throughout its business lifecycle. DTM dramatically helps businesses to improve efficiency, as all documents are accounted for and interoperability across organizational structures becomes seamless. Moreover, human error is virtually eliminated… wave goodbye to an omission of crucial data and forgetting to file documents.

A case study done by our friends at MSDynamicsWorld highlights the financial industry’s need for document automation, a facet of DTM. “58 percent of the respondents indicated that things are getting stuck in their processes and 48% of respondents said they are dealing with compliance errors.” This, among other elements within the report, highlight why digital transaction management is crucial for not only the financial space, but in nearly every industry.

Why AssureSign Ranks as an Innovator.

Aragon made certain to communicate that speed and automation are key factors in the digital transaction management realm, and served as guides to discovering innovators in the field. Makes sense, as these two factors are fairly responsible for comprising the overall benefit of switching your manual, paper-laden processes to digital workflows— when you tie in cost-benefit, the argument becomes irrefutable. eSignatures are major players in the digital transformation process; they’re the final element that completes a document’s digital workflow journey.

Another major contending factor in discovering digital transaction management innovation is open APIs.  Open, bidirectional APIs are what initially attracted many of our customers and partners to our product, and what continuously attracts prospects to our software. It’s easy to craft APIs with predetermined CRMs, but what makes ours so competitive is their ability to integrate with custom, industry specific management systems. In other words, if a company utilizes a CRM for which we do not have a prebuilt integration, our APIs can be utilized in building a custom integration for that company’s custom CRM.  We designed our APIs from inception to seamlessly integrate into any business process – including existing applications that various industries use every day.

This isn’t the first time Aragon has highlighted our innovation. In 2016, the international research firm identified our strengths in versatile deployment options and our dedicated partner channel  (The Disruptive Rise of the Digital Business Platform (2015-45), Jim Lundy, December, 16, 2015).

Click here to download the 2017 Aragon Research Hot Vendors in Digital Transaction Management eBrief