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AssureSign + LinkedIn + Dynamics 365: A Seamless CRM Integration for Your Sales Team

Countless eSignature use cases span many industries, they are exceptionally vital  to the success of any modern sales organization as they’re the final step to complete your sales teams end-to-end process.  

But with eSignatures being just one piece of this larger sales cycle… how does an organization set their selves up for success to create an entirely digital and seamless sales process? Let’s take a look at the parts that make up your basic sales cycle….  

Sourcing, prospecting, product demonstrations, follow ups, pricing negotiations… all contributing fundamentals to a complete sales process that—hopefully—lead to a successful close. And while our product rests in this much desired closing phase, we’re invested in providing integrations that can simplify and streamline your sales team’s entire end-to-end process. In fact… internally, we’ve been able to further advance our bottom line by automating transaction and agreement processes through both eSign and CRM integrations that span the lifecycle of our workflows. 

It’s our own experience coupled with that of our customers that tells us just how critical efficiency and synchronization of the various solutions empowering your sales cycle are to success. 

This is why we aim to understand your enterprise’s current processes, how they harmonize, how they don’t harmonize, and what enhancements can eliminate your pain points. This understanding allows us to provide solutions and integrations that best optimize your sales cycle and advance your bottom line. 

Simplifying Your Sales Process 

Think of your experience when juggling a number of applications open on your desktop. This same clunky experience is what it feels like when your sales team works with separate, un-synced software. 

Not only is the time spent navigating these solutions a distraction, but the information synchronization lag further hinders a positive user experience. 

When sales solutions integrate, these barriers are completely expunged… granting your employees an efficient process, more time for clients, and ultimately, more closed deals! 

AssureSign’s new CRM integration with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 synchronizes your lead generator, CRM, and eSignature vendor… creating a simplistic navigation of your end-to-end sales process.

Data syncing within the AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration

Removes Manual Steps 

The AssureSign + LinkedIn + Dynamics CRM integration alleviates arduous and formerly manual tasks that stole time and productivity from your team. 

Now users can avoid navigating and learning multiple solutions to generate and manage their leads. The CRM integration will give users access to: 

  • A Dynamics widget within Navigator to help identify mutual connections, prospect updates, and related leads. 
  • A seamless capture of Navigator activity within Dynamics—such as notes, InMails, messages, and phone calls. 
  • Launching of CRM accounts and their corresponding eSign entities directly from Navigator. 
  • Automatic imports of accounts, contacts, and leads from Dynamics to Navigator. 
  • The ability to copy, view, and share team member presentations. 

… and that’s just the beginning!

Data syncing within the AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration 

Creates Opportunity 

The integration not only eliminates tedious manual processes, the seamless information exchange allows for new sales opportunity and discoveries! Data exchanged between LinkedIn and Dynamics is used to highlight and generate information that helps your sales team find, work, and close more leads! Navigator widgets and CRM entities enable: 

  • Amplified search options with multiple filtering criteria options. 
  • Display of your relationship strength a prospect based on mutual connections, interests, groups, etc. 
  • Content engagement tracking and interaction that allow you to add personalization to communication with recipients. 

Data syncing within the AssureSign, Dynamics 365, and LinkedIn CRM integration

What previously required timely research is now completely automated and made readily available to your team! 

This merely skims the surface of what the new AssureSign + LinkedIn + Dynamics CRM integration is capable of!

To see even more benefits of the three-in-one integration, check out our press release … or better yet, view our free on-demand webinar hosted by

Our free on-demand webinar provides you with

  • an in-depth illustration of the three-in-one integration,
  • its benefit to your bottom line and
  • answers to FAQs!

Ready to simplify your entire end-to-end sales process with a single integration? View our free on-demand joint webinar to see the AssureSign, LinkedIn, and Dynamics 365 integration in action!