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AssureSign – a Market Leader in Electronic Signature Software

With the New Year, businesses across the market—from law firms to insurance agencies to franchises—rejoice at new opportunities!

Yet, despite its timing, the most favorable (and profitable) outcomes don’t hinge on New Year’s resolutions, but high-tech solutions  that optimize and cultivate go-to-market strategies.

So, how do businesses achieving year-over-year success pull it off?

By defining hurdles that stymie business objectives and identifying strategies to eliminate them.


It may sound as easy as, say, sending a document for signature

… but, finding the solution best capable of implementing your digital strategy isn’t always so simple. That’s why successful  businesses uncover the most robust solutions by leveraging objective research and leading customer reference platforms like FeaturedCustomers.


The Customers Have Spoken… AssureSign is 2019’s Market Leader.


FeaturedCustomers most recent Customer Success Report for Electronic Signature Software designates AssureSign as a “Market Leader” alongside fellow industry pioneers DocuSign, HelloSign and AdobeSign.


Discover more testimonials and references in the AssureSign FeaturedCustomers Profile.


The report—while providing an exemplary answer to the “what is electronic signature” inquiry—juxtaposes 19 electronic signature and document management transaction (DTM) vendors. Contenders are analyzed based on large-scale customer success, industry thought leadership, and company size/growth, among other criteria.


The report then segments the eSign vendors into one of three categories:


AssureSign Named a Market Leader by FeaturedCustomersMarket Leader

Vendor with substantial customer base & market share. Leaders have the highest ratio of customer success content, content quality score, and social media presence relative to company size.


 Featured Customers Top Performer BadgeTop Performer

Vendor with significant market presence and resources and enough customer reference content to validate their vision. Top Performer’s products are highly rated by its customers but have not achieved the customer base and scale of a Leader.


Featured Customers Rising Star BadgeRising Star

Vendor that does not have the market presence of Market Leaders or Top Performers, but understands where the market is going and has disruptive technology. Rising Stars have been around long enough to establish momentum and a minimum amount of customer reference content along with a growing social presence.


Based on these standards, AssureSign was identified as an eSignature Market Leader.


In addition to showcasing some of our most valued customers—FireHouse Subs, Tropical Smoothie Café, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bright House Networks and others—the report also highlights a few of our most notable success stories:


“With AssureSign, we are guaranteed payment for all reservations, reducing our cancellations by 75%, thus increasing our revenue by 15 percent.” (read the United Limousine & Charter Success Story here)

Brandon Jacobian | President, United Limousine & Charter


“AssureSign has one of the most helpful and customer-centric client services teams in the game, the response time is phenomenal; agents find an answer for us no matter what… these are simply the kind of people you want to do business with, period.” (read the UBC Success Story here)

Jason Doiron | Director of Product Management, United BioSource Corporation


Providing the electronic signature process on a consumer’s smartphone is invaluable. Over 60 percent of our own deals are closed with AssureSign’s text to eSign feature. Both our customers and my own sales team agree mobile eSign determines whether deals are won or lost.” (read the Captorra Success Story here)

Chris O’Brien | President & CEO, Captorra


“We’re able to secure sponsorships and purchases in a matter of hours instead of weeks. It dramatically improved [our] relationship [with] sponsors and purchasers.” (read the Dynamic Communities Success Story here)

Ashley Steiner | CRM Administrator, Dynamic Communities

Click to download the FeaturedCustomers' Customer Success Report for Fall 2019