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AssureSign Responds to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

The past few months have proved to be an extremely trying time for the United States. With a grave amount of uncertainty swirling around the political arena, many speculate this is one of the most divisive eras our country has experienced in decades. And it’s not just politics. While the flood of current events make unity a bit more difficult to navigate, residents of Houston and the surrounding areas are navigating a much more divisive flood (and theirs isn’t metaphorical). 

We’ve seen the devastation and impact hurricane Harvey brought to the fourth largest city in America, making failure  to respond nearly impossible.  

We often refer to our electronic signature—eSignature—as the digital handshake between two entities or people. The handshake embodies various contextual meanings, yet they all derive from the same ideal: 

Bringing people together for purpose of common interest

The very nature of what we do, day in and day out, pivots on bringing people together for a mutually held goal or purpose. Our response to Harvey embodies this same principle.


AssureSign Responds to Hurricane Harvey Relief


We’re responding to devastation with donation in efforts to build a path forward for the thousands upon thousands of hurricane victims in the Lonestar state. In alignment with our core values, we wish to be genuinely invested  as people of character, who respond not “ethically” but morally and compassionately to the unimaginable heartbreak suffered by families, children, animals, elderly, and others in the Houston area.  

Our investment in reunifying and rebuilding areas affected by Harvey is two-fold. We wish to not only unite with others investing in rebuilding and unifying the community… we also hope to inspire YOU to unite with us and all others in aiding hurricane victims.  

What to Give 

Experts recommend cash/monetary donations. Items sent by well-intending donors will often overwhelm shelters and organizations. After doing a bit of investigating ourselves, we’re inclined to agree.  

We know you’ve heard it before, but no donation is too small. Every dollar lays another brick in the Houston area’s road to recovery. Consider making a donation symbolic of the year (2017) Harvey impacted thousands of lives. If everyone in the U.S. donated $20.17, hurricane victims would receive $6.5 Billion in relief.  


AssureSign Responds to Hurricane Harvey Relief


Where to Give 

We helped lay the groundwork for and are co-sponsoring the TechSupports relief campaign—now in conjunction with our location’s headquarters, Atlanta Tech Village—as an initiative to help raise relief aid.  

TechSupports will funnel all proceeds to the Greater Houston Community Foundation’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund–established by Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner and County Judge, Ed Emmet—in efforts to place contributions with local and direct relief.  

AssureSign responds to hurricane harvey relief efforts through TechSupports

Click here to make a $20.17 contribution to the TechSupports relief campaign.  

At the time of this post’s publication:  

All contributions to the relief, no matter where they’re placed, will help to rebuild and unify the city and lives of those affected by Harvey. If considering donating elsewhere, make sure you’re giving intelligently. Utilize unbiased sources like Charity Navigator, which evaluate and provide ratings for larger charitable organizations, to ensure your contribution is placed where intended! 

AssureSign Responds to Hurricane Harvey Relief

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