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Invest. Support. Innovate: Here’s How AssureSign is Supporting YOU During COVID-19

Your business has been making some tough decisions as of late. How to digitally transform historically physical touchpoints, implementing indefinite teleworking policies, reimagining organizational structures, abrupt product marketing shifts, whether to allow subscribed services to lapse, and reimagining entire sales processes are likely some of the many complex decisions your business has faced since mid-March. You are not alone. A vast number of businesses across the market have constructed entirely new normals out of necessity in the wake of COVID-19—the disease caused by 2019’s novel coronavirus.

Unfortunately, we can’t end this phenomenon…

… but what we can do, is remove the new—and old—barriers that distance imposes on your business! The flexibility of eSignature empowers businesses like yours to maintain (and accelerate) their intake and sales cycles, internal functions, and onboarding processes, especially when being physically present is nearly impossible.

Here at AssureSign, we’ve defined what being ‘Invested’—one of our guiding core values—in our employees, customers and community looks like in the era of COVID-19. At the pandemic’s onset, we adjusted and expanded the way we work with AssureSigners, enabling us to better serve both eSignature newcomers as well as longstanding customers. Below are some of the resources we have and will continue to make available to you.

Extended hours of operation among AssureSign Customer Success teams. Our phenomenal support staff is working overtime to bring dedicated service to both our new and tenured customers.

eLearning webinars. We’ve hosted numerous webinars providing education and resources to both administrators and first-time eSign users. We’ll have both webinars available on-demand shortly.

Corona-necting mini-series. In April, we began focusing most of our new blog articles on addressing the unique challenges and barriers businesses face in light of 2019’s coronavirus. Topics range from digital solutions for teams new to telecommuting, how to maintain and grow your internal culture, and tips for sales and service teams on communicating with customers during times of crisis.

How-To video tutorials and more. The AssureSign YouTube channel is filled with self-guided tutorials and other helpful resources.

AssureSign Knowledge Base. We’re keeping our eSignature knowledge base up-to-date with resources for troubleshooting, FAQs and other common inquiries.

As for our second core value—Innovative—we’ve thrown it into hyperdrive as we support organizations like yours discover new ways of operating and doing business.

Here’s just a few ways we’ve been supporting industries and verticals locally, regionally, nationally and internationally:

Teams Newly Working from Home

As we said in our first post of the Corona-necting mini-series, “transitioning to working from home often leaves many operational details overlooked… Sending and receiving documents—sales contracts, consent forms, renewals, internal signoffs, timesheets, invoices, etc.— is among every business’s essential operations.” We’ve helped countless teams from nearly every industry setup remote operations and minimize disruptions during their transition.

Human Resources & Onboarding

“Moving forward, the digital transformation of HR and other internal processes will be absolutely critical for businesses accustomed to procedures involving physically circulating paperwork…”

– Dena Bigwarfe, PHR | Human Resources Manager at AssureSign

While many businesses are in a hiring holding pattern, others such as healthcare, life sciences and the food retail industries are seeing drastic increases in transfers and new hires. Essential industries and others are increasingly relying on AssureSign electronic signature to support these employee transactions.


Since our humble beginnings in 2000, AssureSign has consistently looked for ways to bolster the many pursuits of organizations within the educational realm. And, with most schools engaged in virtual learning at present, we consider supporting this industry to be all the more crucial.

Whether it’s self/online-learning pledges, an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), breakfast and lunch programs, school counseling/speech-language pathology forms, or internal school and district forms, AssureSign digitally transforms this paperwork and empowers schools, districts and colleges/universities to operate online!


AssureSign is helping field agents digitally transform their work, dramatically decreasing the need for person-to-person contact. Additionally, with the power of eSignature, brokerages, carriers, and independent agents can add to and enhance their existing self-service options.

The ability to accept new clients and cases is the hallmark of every legal firm’s vitality. We’ve helped firms shift current and new cases to digital environments, empowering the entire industry, particularly injury and mass tort verticals, to remain viable.

Have questions? Want to expand beyond your current eSignature use cases? Contact the AssureSign support team today!

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