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AssureSign’s in AppSource! Try eSignature FREE for 30 Days.

When was the last time you purchased an app outside of an app marketplace?

On your smartphone for example, the marketplace defines itself based on the phone’s brand… Apple has its “The App Store” and Android has “Google Play.” These stores provide what makes having a smartphone worth the hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of dollars we pay every year or two worth the investment. After all, while Siri or Google can find a YouTube video or hail a Lyft, they need the hosting application to do it!

Our point? Integrating applications or software with your device is what takes it from ordinary to digitally extraordinary… and application marketplaces are often where the magic begins.

But gone are the days that app stores are secluded to personal markets.

Corporations and organizations are now, too, finding their digital enhancements at one-stop-shops…  only instead of installing video streaming or rideshare applications onto a smartphone, companies can look for new business solutions to enhance their digital ecosystems.


AssureSign & Microsoft: Digital Transformation Catalysts

More than six years ago, we chose to partner with Microsoft because of their insistence on only offering the best quality software and solutions.

So, it comes as no surprise that the tech leader’s CRM, Dynamics is consistently recognized as the customer relationship manager of preference.

As a native eSignature platform for Dynamics 365, we’ve dedicated much of our own partnership program, AssureSign Connect, to connecting with others specializing in all things Microsoft. This allows other MS partners like Hitachi Solutions, PowerObjects, and mscrm-addons to resell our preferred electronic signature alongside their products or as part of a packaged integration for Dynamics. 

And now, discovering opportunity for alliances with other 365 specialists is even easier thanks to Microsoft’s application marketplace for enterprise, AppSource.


What is AppSource?

In late 2016 at its then Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC)—now “Inspire”—Microsoft announced its launch of AppSource, an application marketplace hosting digital solutions built for businesses and corporate use.

At WPC ’16, AppSource was introduced as “a new destination to help business users find, try and use line-of-business Software as a Service (SaaS) apps from Microsoft and its partners. Users can also discover content packs and add-ins for Microsoft business apps like Dynamics CRM, Power BI and Office.”

Unlike its personal marketplace counterparts, Microsoft vets its vendor applications to ensure only the highest quality solutions are made available to run on their platforms. This encourages third-party developers to design and build quality solutions while guaranteeing the continued excellence of Dynamics’ and other MS software’s UI.

Since its launch, AppSource has garnered hundreds of applications and solutions tailored for Dynamics, Office and other cloud solutions… providing a one-stop, cream-of-the-crop shop for users of Microsoft platforms.


AssureSign: Now Available in AppSource!

After submitting for review, we’re excited to say that AssureSign is now live and available via Microsoft’s AppSource…

Making it even easier  for users of Dynamics CRM to begin utilizing the preferred electronic signature for D365!

“I’m proud to say AssureSign has exceeded the highest of standards levied by Microsoft, granting our solution’s availability in AppSource. As a CEO in the technology sector, I applaud Microsoft for continuing to work with only the most quality of solutions and look forward to future milestones in our expanding partnership.”

David Brinkman, President & CEO, AssureSign


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