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Aurora Lifetools Implements AssureSign Biometric Electronic Signature Solution to Enhance Customer Convenience and Expedite Contracts

Biometric Electronic Signature Solution Improves Contract Process and Lowers Costs

ORLANDO, FLA. — (February 16, 2009) — AssureSign LLC’s Biometric Electronic Signature Technology has been selected as the electronic signature solution by Aurora Lifetools, an organization that assists and represents people applying for disability benefits.

AssureSign is a web-hosted service that facilitates the managed processing of documents in an all-digital, highly secure environment. The patent-pending electronic signature software provides forensically identifiable evidence of contractual acceptance with digitized electronic signatures that can be matched for authentication in much the same way as a traditional signature.

Aurora Lifetools initially implemented electronic signatures to enhance and expedite the contract process. Many of their clients do not have access to a fax machine, and would typically mail back a signed contract. Once signed contracts were returned, Aurora Lifetools would countersign the document and resend to the client for their records, leading to an overwhelming amount of paper, per strict industry retention regulations. This process was costly and took days to complete. Approximately 30% of business was lost due to failure to return paperwork.

Additionally, due to the nature of Aurora Lifetools’ business, the Federal Government required a handwritten signature, and their former electronic signature vendor was unable to provide that capability. Aurora Lifetools obtained a ruling from the Social Security Administration ensuring acceptance of AssureSign’s Biometric Electronic Signatures, which capture “real” signatures, enabling the company’s clients to sign contracts and submit documents without leaving their homes.

“AssureSign reduced our document costs to a fraction of the previous cost of $100 per client,” says Drew Hyde, Senior Partner at Aurora Lifetools. “AssureSign gives us countersigned contracts with our clients in under four minutes and guarantees us Federal Government payment for our services in less than one minute.”

Since the entire AssureSign electronic signature process is tracked digitally, users have a complete forensic audit trail of the delivery and signing process. This enables users to know exactly when documents are received, when they are signed, and who has or has not signed them, providing users with complete control over the signing process.

“With just a mouse, an Internet connection and our patent-pending electronic signature, Aurora Lifetools is able to expedite the contract process, as well as provide an added convenience for their customers, a majority of which are disabled,” said David W. Brinkman, chief executive officer of AssureSign LLC. “It’s the perfect solution for almost any business that requires signatures and quick turnaround on contracts from customers in various locations.”

About AssureSign LLC
AssureSign LLC is a leading provider of web-based electronic signature solutions, featuring unique, patent-pending technology that allows for the execution of any document with forensically identifiable, biometric signatures. AssureSign is a highly secure and flexible “cloud computing” application that requires absolutely no downloads for the document originator or the document signer. Using the standards-based DocumentNOW™ integration tool, AssureSign can easily integrate with existing business processes within any enterprise, regardless of size. AssureSign customers consistently experience dramatic cost savings, as well as significant reduction in the time to execute documents. For more information visit

About Aurora Lifetools
Aurora Lifetools was launched in January 2007. Aurora Lifetools effectively represents people with disabilities for Social Security Disability applications and eases the process for those seeking benefits. People with disabilities rely on Aurora Lifetools to win the Social Security Disability benefits that are critical for fully living their lives.


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