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The 4 Core Values that Define Your eSignature Pioneers

What are core values, really ? For some businesses, they’re the feel-good, warm and fuzzy words plastered through the company hallways, in the breakroom, and behind the CEO’s desk. They’re the well-intended, yet seldom practiced buzz words that a public relations team concocted after months of market research. Their goal is to create a pleasant illustration […]

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ESRA Talks eSign Compliance: What’s Coming for 2017-2018

Electronic signatures bridge the gap of time and geography, making once tedious tasks timely and seamless. From banking, to insurance, to the legal sector, nearly every industry employs elements of electronic signatures to streamline business processes and run more efficiently.   eSignatures host a variety of conveniences for consumers and vendors alike. It may seem like these conveniences have been around for decades… Can you remember a […]

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A Momentous Year: A note from President and CEO David Brinkman

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of announcing a record year in 2015 – doubling our client roster and growing our insurance clients by 40 percent. Our success this past year is indicative not only of our ability to grow and remain nimble with the changes of our customers and clients, but also of […]

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