Q4 2019 Conference Recaps: Tech, Legal & Insurance Industries

Q4 2019 Conference Recaps: Tech, Legal & Insurance Industries

There’s a chill in the air. Fall is in full swing. Which can only mean one thing at AssureSign… it’s conference season! Here’s a recap of four of the best conferences we’ve exhibited and attended so far in Q4 2019:

User Group Summit North America (CRMUG)

The AssureSign/Dynamics 365 offering leverages our V3 REST API framework along with the latest in Microsoft’s innovative framework to provide CRM users with the cream of the eSign crop. Yet, remaining the preferred eSignature integration among Dynamics users requires consistent innovative homework. That’s why our creative team annually attends the D365 User Group Summit, where emerging Microsoft technology is dissected through the lens of Microsoft Dynamics users and Partners.

If you’re utilizing Dynamics, or any type of CRM/ERP system, and plan to retain innovation in your 2020 business model, here’s three key take-aways from the Summit to note:

1. ePayment

A streamlined customer funnel requires an intuitive ePayment process existing within your current transaction or deal lifecycle. What does that mean for you? Looking to a stand-alone payment processing solution like PayPal or Stripe won’t cut it. To achieve an innovative and superior customer experience, invest in a PCI Certified ePayment solution capable of integrating with your existing CRM/ERP ecosystem.

2. Invest in Customer Service

We’ve said it before—and we’re saying it again—customer service is king for any B2B and B2C company, regardless of product or industry. Topical sessions centered on the idea of simplifying and adding efficiencies to both service and sales lifecycles. Automating activities like case creation, contract routing, form creation, document signing, and other tasks within Dynamics, or any CRM/ERP, diminishes time spent on menial tasks and greatly improves your end-customer’s experience.

3. File and Document Management

As one session quipped it… “OMG! WTF?” (Oh My Gosh! Where’s That File?). This and many other sessions highlighted the cruciality of centralizing document retention and storage as your offerings and customer pools expand. Most significant company losses originate from lost or misplaced forms and documents. This is why businesses are advised to look for solutions capable of identifying and storing all of a customer’s documents and forms in one, central location. What’s more, centralized document repositories should be equipped with access controls, granting access only to those deemed necessary. Look to solutions that can both organize and properly secure your documents within Dynamics or other system.

AgentLynx 2019

AgentLynx is an annual conference created and hosted by EZLynx, the single platform that hosts any and every digital tool necessary for success in the modern insurance sector. During the conference, EZLynx announced the launch of several new products, including EZLynx 5, EZLynx Submission Center, EZLynx MAP, and EZLynx Connect, among others.

One of our favorite things about this year’s AgentLynx, aside from bull-riding networking events, was the “EZLynx Experience Center.” Attendees were invited to experience the latest EZLynx innovations—including not-yet-released products—through hands-on demos and leave feedback for the EZLynx team.

Mass Torts Made Perfect & LitiQuest 2019

Both the Mass Torts Made Perfect (MTMP) and LitiQuest conferences cater to plaintiff law sectors within the legal industry. An immediate, albeit abstract, take-away from both these legal summits: technology has caught up to the legal profession.

In 2017, our Marketing Manager, Jackson, discussed a technology lag among traditional law firms in an article published by Law Technology Today, an American Bar Association publication. Plaintiff law is one of the most competitive sectors within the legal profession, and, over the last half of the decade, a plethora of tech solutions aimed at gathering more cases and prospects have emerged.

AssureSign partners like GrowPath offer mass torts firms benefits such as:

  • Identify potential mass tort cases
  • Mine past cases for new mass tort cases
  • Intake scores to verify legitimate and applicable cases
  • Save valuable intake time

Conferences such as MTMP and LitiQuest provide a wealth of solutions such as GrowPath that can help firms get a leg up on their competition.

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