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3 Things to Look for at Duck Creek Formation 2019

Duck Creek Technologies, a Premiere AssureSign Connect Partner, empowers P&C insurers to digitally enhance their policy, rating, billing, and claims processes. Their array of solutions, deployments, configurations, document management systems, and sales tools empower users to streamline workflows, improve client service, and set themselves apart from competitors.

With the Duck Creek Platform, insurers go-to-market and remain competitive with a single, innovative digital provider. Yet, to provide the continuous competitive edge that carriers, brokers and other insurance professionals require, Duck Creek insurance solutions must adapt to transforming technology and evolve alongside client expectations.

To meet this need, the Duck Creek insurance suite is built with ‘Future-Ready’ solutions, providing subscribers with automated product upgrades, transformative features, and new functionalities.

To showcase these enhanced and new-to-market offerings along with future potential, every year, Duck Creek invites the P&C insurance vertical to its annual Duck Creek Formation conference. This year, there’s a lot to look forward to during the three-day span in Miami—March 31-April 2nd—but here’s three experiences you won’t want to miss if you’re heading to Duck Creek Formation 2019:

Formation 2019
3 Things You Can’t Miss

1. Keynote Speakers

The Duck Creek Formation 2019 conference has quite the lineup of industry-expert speakers hosting its two keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and other events.

Mike Jackowski and Scott Parazynski lead the pack as Formation 2019 ’s two keynote speakers. Mike Jackowski, Chief Executive Officer of Duck Creek Technologies, will provide the Keynote Welcome on Monday, April 1st. Scott Parazynski, physician and a former NASA astronaut, will lead the final keynote address—”Leadership Under Extreme Adversity, On and Off the Planet.” His astronomical background earns his keynote a solidcan’t miss!

2. Breakout Sessions

Keynotes are just the beginning of Duck Creek Formation 2019. Formation 2019 has more than six consecutive hours exclusively dedicated to breakout sessions. During the first two hours, Formation 2019 attendees will choose one of five topic tracks/clusters:

  1. Delivery Assurance and Configuration Best Practices
  2. Insurance Core System Functionality in the Cloud
  3. Introducing Duck Creek Insurance Distribution Management
  4. Optimizing User Engagement
  5. What’s New and Enhanced in the Duck Creek Insurance Platform & Policy Offering

Each track is made up of two to three breakout sessions that build on the track’s topic.

The remaining four hours provide an a la carte selection style. Attendees can choose from a pool of breakout sessions that address a variety of insurance innovations , such as “Improving Billing Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience,” “Streamline Claims Handling,” and more.

3. Expo Hall

Of course, no annual conference would be complete without the opportunity to kick back and watch the latest industry innovations in action at the exhibition hall (not to mention the free swag!).

And, the Formation 2019 sponsors and participating vendors are certain to make this year’s Duck Creek Formation expo one for the books. Both tech–and CRM–pioneers Salesforce and Microsoft will exhibit their a-game alongside premiere Duck Creek Partners vendors like Hyland, Deloitte, HCL, and AssureSign!

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