AssureSign: Preferred eSign Vendor for Franchises

Dwyer Group Reunion: Come See Your “Neighborly” eSignature Vendor for Franchises

Mutual benefit is the foundation on which the strongest business partnerships stand. We see this first-hand when we partner with tech-driven enterprises or lend our services to a new customer… if both parties don’t benefit, no one  benefits.

That’s why we’re very excited to announce one of our newest partners, ProTradeNet!

AssureSign has long helped franchises to streamline their processes with digital workflows, but our friends at ProTradeNet—the vendor relations division for Dwyer Group—have made it even easier for tech companies like AssureSign to reach and work with franchises looking for innovative ways to get documents signed and returned.

AssureSign: A Preferred eSignature Vendor for Franchises

ProTradeNet adheres to a selective screening process, extending partnership to only one vendor within each industry. In fact, it’s this very process that allows business members and franchisees to place immense trust in the quality of products and services offered by ProTradeNet preferred vendors.

After AssureSign was selected as ProTradeNet’s preferred eSignature vendor for franchises, our robust eSign solutions became available to their community of over 2,500 business owners and franchisees. Our product’s scalability  and velocity  coupled with time  and cost  reductions secures our preference within the franchising industry, but it’s the proven success garnered by franchises like Dwyer Group, Firehouse Subs and Tropical Smoothie that seals the deal.

Franchisees can leverage our on-premises or SaaS/cloud deployment based on their unique franchise needs, use cases and industry requirements. The best part? The majority of our premiere eSignature solutions remain available regardless of deployment! Whether it’s unparalleled eSignature innovation like sending documents for eSignature via SMS/text message or more traditional options like providing an in-person electronic signature pad, ProTradeNet franchisees can leverage the solutions and deployments that best fit their needs.AssureSign: Preferred eSignature Vendor for FranchisesAs ProTradeNet’s preferred eSignature vendor for franchises, AssureSign introduces the only  electronic signature web platform and integrative solution to Dwyer Group’s vendor marketplace. Attending ProTradeNet’s annual events as well as working with their right fit product promotion team creates opportunity for qualitative and mutually beneficial partnerships.

And as always, franchisees can look forward to the 5% rebate for becoming a customer through ProTradeNet.*

Dwyer Group Reunion: Let’s Get Neighborly

The Dwyer Group Reunion is one of the division’s annual events, providing a complete supply chain solution experience and a platform for franchisee/vendor networking. As ProTradeNet’s only preferred eSignature vendor for franchises, attendees of the Let’s Get Neighborly Dwyer Group Reunion will experience the time and cost reductions along with velocity and scalability AssureSign solutions innately provide.

We look forward to joining our fellow preferred vendors—Google, ADP, Yelp, Honeywell and others—in meeting customary business needs with viable solutions and services at the reunion on September 25-29 in Orlando, FL.

Discover the eSignature platform built for franchisers. Activate your free 7-day trial—with no strings (or billing info) attached—today!

*rebate is provided by Dwyer Group/ProTradeNet and is subject to their terms and/or conditions