NEW: Electronic Payment & eSignature in One Solution!

NEW: Collect Electronic Payment & eSignature with One Solution


We often paint digital transformation as the panacea to all your workflow woes… and for good reason…


In its 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey report, PwC—a leading audit and assurance, tax and consulting firm—noted that over the next five years, companies that have embraced and invested in digitization plan to increase revenues by an average of 2.9% and reduce costs by an average of 3.6%.

When put to the test, that theme of higher profit and velocity paired with less cost and time holds true among the many businesses choosing to transform formerly manual processes with electronic signature…

Just ask Captorra

They decreased their monthly printing and shipping cost from an average of $4,000 to $400 after augmenting their CRM, Dynamics 365, with eSignature—not to mention, they use the industry’s only eSignature via SMS/text message to rake in over half their deals. What’s more, Captorra leverages AssureSign’s open APIs to integrate our eSignature software into their legal intake product, enabling their customers to start and finish an intake with one solution!  

Or United BioSource Corporation

UBC transformed what was once an 11-day, pen-to-paper consent process into a rapid digital authorization that takes mere minutes on the hour. UBC integrated AssureSign’s software into their internal platform, UBC PathwaysTM Connected Health, so they could execute patient care faster and more efficiently.


Captorra and UBC use eSignature integrations much like MagTek uses AssureSign to introduce electronic signature to its array of online payment solutions


So, what do these two customers have in common?

They invested in eSignature, but more importantly… they invested in simplicity.

Captorra and UBC condensed multiple digital transactions into a single process… funneling several business processes into one, simple  step.

Today, we’re introducing another integration that combines two of the most widely used digital processes among today’s businesses…

AssureSign’s electronic signature software integrated with Magtek’s electronic payment solution will enable businesses to collect secure payments and eSignatures in a single  transaction.

This is an exciting time for a pervasively digital (and mobile) market…

But before we detail some of the astounding ways you and your customers can benefit from electronic payment and eSign synergy, let’s take a look behind the digital curtain at the vendors pulling the cyber strings…


MagTek: A Pioneer of Worry-Free Electronic Payment

For forty years, MagTek has paved the way for business-to-business payments (b2b payments), business-to-person payments (b2p payments), and even person-to-person payments (p2p payments) with innovative  and secure  payment and identification technology.

Offering top of the line hardware and software for merchant services, MagTek enables businesses to swiftly and securely obtain payments from consumers—or other businesses. One-man jobs or consultants can also leverage Magtek’s digital or online payment solutions for p2p payments at an affordable price.  


“We view MagTek as a leading mobile and online payment solutions provider with an industry proven, secure infrastructure. Encrypting cardholder data, or any information for that matter, at the point of capture and providing it securely to business processors as part of the transaction process is MagTek’s specialty.”

-David Brinkman, President and CEO, AssureSign


Wireless and plug-in devices enable any business to turn their iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet into a portable POS system.

Working the summer festival circuit in a food truck? Offering up sweet goodies with your on-site catering service? Capturing special moments as a freelance photographer? Hosting parties to maximize your beauty product consulting?

MagTek’s Dynamo or Flash card readers follow your business anywhere  and turn your iPhone or Android phone or tablet into a secure b2p or p2p payment terminal.


MagTek's card reader for smart devices, which allows a device running on the iOS or Android platform to accept card-based b2b, b2p, and p2p payments


Perhaps your graphic-design or online business has you solely looking for online payment solutions…

MagTek users can send a digital invoice and a secure payment link via email. Consumers can then make an electronic payment using their credit or debit card.


Payments and eSignature: Match Made in Digital Heaven

For some businesses, using one of MagTek’s mobile or online payment solutions alone satisfies the nature of their transactions. The same can be said for organizations whose business dealings require nothing more than an online signature.

But for many businesses in the finance, franchise, retail/sales and other industries, an online payment often requires an authorization or consent and vice versa.

For businesses requiring both, using two separate solutions for electronic payment and signatures can be disjointed and complicated, not to mention provide a poor experience for customers.


Thanks to advancing technology and a partnership between MagTek and AssureSign, businesses can combine both processes into a single transaction, paving the way for:

  • Consolidated internal processes and transactions
  • Delightful customer experiences
  • Combined payment and eSignature audit trails
  • Fewer errors


The best part?… the eSign-payment technology can be used with mobile and remote POS transactions!

Whether its security deposits, membership agreements, event space rentals, donations, or sales invoices… AssureSign’s new eSign and electronic payment solution consolidates these and other transactions so that you can start and finish business… faster.

MagTek and AssureSign bring eSignature and electronic payment (and secure payment) to the online payment solutions marketWhy MagTek Chose AssureSign for eSignature

But, it’s not all about playing fast and loose…

Safeguarding financial information—debit/credit card numbers, account numbers, routing numbers, etc.—is essential in any digital b2b or p2p payment… especially in today’s cyber ecosystem.

When MagTek began searching for an eSignature partner, they were immediately impressed by AssureSign’s mirroring rigor in compliance and data security.

MagTek employs Magensa Payment Protection Gateway (MPPG), a robust secure payment gateway, to protect the financial information of its customers and their customers’ customer.


Magensa technology enables MagTek and AssureSign to offer Qwicksign, an eSignature and online payment solutions, to the b2b, b2p, and p2p payment market


MPPG encrypts your customer’s financial data at POS and maintains its security until the funds are withdrawn from their account. (Click here for more information on how MagTek encrypts payment data using MPPG, meets industry PCI standards, or for details on their ISO 9001-2015 registration.)

Similarly, to protect the personal identifying information and other sensitive data of our customers and users, AssureSign employs industry-leading security provisions, keeping data encrypted at rest and in transit.

Together, AssureSign and MagTek maintain a dynamic cybersecurity framework, capable of protecting financial and personal data and guaranteeing a secure payment… every time. Users of the AssureSign/MagTek solution can rest easy and know that sensitive data is constantly safeguarded… freeing up space to think about what matters most… your business!


How to Get Started…

AssureSign is working on implementing MagTek’s payment software as an integration within our eSignature solution.

Until then, you can check out MagTek’s integrated product, QwickSign, and get started with a combined eSignature and payment solution TODAY!


Learn more about QwickSign and how to begin combining your signature and payment processes here.