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Electronic Signature for the Public Sector: Three eSig trends Governments must consider

The public sector is a complex ecosystem, one that continues to change as urbanization increases and globalization becomes more prevalent than ever before.

Certain trends are driving fundamental technology changes. According to a recent Microsoft presentation on technology and civic engagement – citizens are looking for easier access to tech infrastructure and tools. The reason: there’s a 21st century skill present among today’s population, with robust and growing civic tech communities being formed.

Such trends are putting pressure on government entities to make public services more accessible and automated, while at the same time, more affordable and capable of doing “new with less.” This must be obtainable without sacrificing security, of course.

I am reminded of a speech given by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during a recent trade show, Applied Net. Quoting an associate, Albright said, “people are talking to governments on 21st century technology, the government hears them on 20th century technology, and responds with 19th century ideas.”

E-signature’s Role in Public Sector Tech
As eSignature technology continues to evolve into a basic business necessity, government entities must support this trend in order to better accommodate its citizens. Yet, the public sector often has a limited budget and resources, and because of antiquated processes, many are slow to adopt new technology. In both situations, information security, in the essence of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of e-signatures, remains a primary concern, despite laws that protect the validity of e-sigs in almost every situation.

For public organizations to truly embrace a more efficient means of operations and productivity, they must permanently adopt e-signature to simplify some of the most important document management challenges.

But not any and every e-sig solution is built to address the concerns, constraints and challenges of the public sector. Below are three criteria that every public sector entity needs to consider when looking for the right eSignature solution.

1. Highly Automated and Easy to Use
As noted in a recent Microsoft presentation on technology and civic engagement, government entities are under pressure to make daily operations and public services more efficient and affordable. But that’s sometimes easier said than done, as public sector teams don’t always have the right resources and insight to keep up with the frequency and speed at which technology evolves.

When deciding on an eSignature solution, the public sector should select one that is not only proven to cut operation time in half, but also one that’s highly mobile, accessible via smartphone and laptop, all while being user-friendly and easy to implement. E-signature solutions should make an otherwise complicated process quick, concise and simple, not complex and difficult to manage. Did you know that AssureSign offers the only verbal agreement solution on the market?

2. Affordability without Sacrificing Quality
Public organizations have strict budgets that often change annually. For federally or state-funded entities, teams must under go strict budgetary procedures in order to obtain approvals. As such, public entities should seek an eSig solution that is affordable and offers flexible payment options – without sacrificing quality or ease-of-use.

3. Secure Both On-Premise and in the Cloud
Today, information security is one of the most prevalent issues for government entities, yet one of the most difficult to maintain when gathering and storing documents in the cloud. Some might argue that there is a direct correlation between the increase in paperless documents, cloud adoption and heightened risk. Since the public sector often operates on the extreme side of caution, many organizations like to maintain complete control over their data or store it in a highly secure cloud. As government organizations seek out e-sig solutions, they must consider those that offer flexibility in deployment.

Why AssureSign is the Best Choice for the Public Sector

AssureSign is the only e-signature solution to check all of the boxes for what the public sector needs in an e-signature solution. For one, AssureSign is the only e-signature solution that runs natively in Microsoft Azure’s government cloud, which has emerged as the preferred choice by agencies and organizations because of its efficiency, business continuity, security and isolation.

AssureSign also offers flexible payment options and a pay-per-document pricing model that offers budget flexibility, allowing users to only pay for what they use. Regardless of an organizations budget, AssureSign has the appropriate solution. Finally, our interface is the fastest and easiest to use, with options such as drag-and-drop capabilities and customizable templates. As an added bonus, our customer service team is recognized for being hands on and more responsive than any competitor, guaranteed.

In sum, certain trends are driving fundamental technology changes for the public sector, putting pressure on government entities to make public services more accessible and automated. Deploying an eSignature solution is the way forward for public entities to address these trends, yet the public sector faces strict budget requirements, operating with limited resources and slow technology adoption, not to mention the ever-present need to address information security issues. AssureSign is the only eSignature solution that addresses all of these pain points – establishing itself as the signature of choice for the public sector.

To learn more about why AssureSign is the best electronic signature option your government or public agency, contact us.

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