Electronic Signature Innovation: MS Build 2017

Electronic Signature Innovation: MS Build 2017 Recap

For those that don’t live in the technology development space, you may not be familiar with Microsoft’s annual conference, Microsoft Build—or MS Build. The conference often takes place on the West Coast, close to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. MS Build 2017 followed suit, courting thousands of developers from across the nation in Seattle—including our Director of Software Engineering, Mike Chynoweth—with planned product updates, enhancements, and overhauls. Speaking of Microsoft’s roadmap, what exactly did we learn about the tech giant’s product pipeline?

Here’s our cliff notes:

  • Windows 10: Now operating on over 500 devices, up from only 300 devices around this time last year
  • Huge emphasis on device interoperability through Graph APIs: Microsoft plans to rollout a “Pick Up Where You Left Off” program allowing users to create a document on a Windows OS and continue editing on an iOS or Android device.
  • Cortana Skills Set: Allows creation of voice apps for Window’s assistant, Cortana. A little late to the game, but Cortana can now build its repertoire of functionality to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri.
  • Office 365: Microsoft continues to unify its products, services, and systems—including the CRM hosting our top integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365—under the Office 365 umbrella.

This is in addition to some exciting enhancements to CosmosDB, Azure Active Directory, and the overall development ecosystem.

Have we enticed you to learn a bit more about the MS Build 2017 conference? Watch Engadget’s 13 minute recap:


Why We Went

AssureSign strives to provide electronic signature innovation through robust solutions that spearhead our industry. However, our advancement is not limitless. In fact, when it comes to our integrations, we are only as good as the environment in which our solutions function. This is why we keep a keen eye on UI and OS advancements and enhancements. 

While product knowledge certainly boasts an impressive “coolness factor,” our development team had a much more tactical reason for attending Microsoft’s gathering… innovation, electronic signature innovation to be precise. Our solutions and integrations heavily rely on the continued innovation and enhancements churned out by our tech colleagues. Microsoft never drops the ball on innovation, one of the many reasons we proudly hold the title of Microsoft Silver Partner.

Needless to say, the AssureSign development team is inundated with glee at MS Build time, but why should you care?



Why it Matters

You may be thinking, “Those enhancements seem nice and I’m glad AssureSign is excited, but why should I be?” Electronic signature innovation for us means business workflow innovation for you! Microsoft’s enhancements allow us to customize and expand our integration capabilities, boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Another interesting point raised during MS Build was cloud deployment strategies. As Business Insider points out, the market will likely hold on to hybrid cloud solutions in the immediate future, but businesses may be persuaded to shift to public cloud solutions over time due to lower cost. Why is this important? Because AssureSign offers both! We currently offer our customers and partners on-premises, hybrid, and SaaS (cloud) deployment options to meet the current and future needs of all enterprises!

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