Electronic Signature Security: The AssureSign Trust Center

Questions About Electronic Signature Security? Introducing the AssureSign Trust Center!

If you’ve seen the news lately you already know we’re in a time where digital security and adhering to federal and industry-specific regulation is paramount to operating legally and efficiently.

Yet, the heightened emphasis on cybersecurity didn’t occur overnight. The last decade yielded increasingly concerning cybersecurity incidences, encouraging many to take pause and reconsider how vehemently we’re  protecting both organizational and consumer data. 

In fact, you may recall cybersecurity charging its way onto to the public stage some four or five years ago. After a slew of large-profile breaches affecting mega-retailers like Target and Amazon led to the compromising of millions of consumers personal information (PII), the market (and the world) started to pay attention.

Fast-forward to current day. There’s so much talk of regulation, compliance, standards, and legal hurdles… it can leave you wondering how to approach a new digital process… much less, one that meets the specific security needs of your industry.

When looking for a digital vendor, we know security and compliance are among the top priorities for decision-makers. That’s why we’ve put all our electronic signature security and compliance information in one convenient spot! The newly launched AssureSign Trust Center has all the electronic signature security and compliance information you’ll need to confirm our alignment with your industry’s standards and feel confident with your eSignature endeavor.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in AssureSign’s Trust Center


Electronic Signature Security & Compliance: 3 Things to Look for in the AssureSign Trust Center…

The hyper-focus on cybersecurity may be new to many, but not to us at AssureSign.

Established in 2000, AssureSign leads with tenure among competitors like DocuSign or HelloSign, and we take our responsibility as leaders seriously…

Which is why safeguarding your data and your customers’ data has always been at the forefront of our business model… and we have the track-record to prove it!

Our comprehensive security model requires our consistent analysis of ever-evolving

  • laws,
  • industry-specific regulations,
  • privacy requirements,
  • best practices, and
  • threats. 

Through our multi-faceted security model, AssureSign is aligned with the industry’s most rigorous cloud security certifications, legal and regulatory compliance qualifications, and industry-specific standards.

1. Cloud and Data Security

We know many of our customers are either completely cloud-based or are working towards it. As SaaS/cloud security continues to improve its unsurpassed security, efficiency and affordability, it made sense for us to migrate, too. In 2016, AssureSign became a 100% Azure based SaaS vendor, affording our customers with a higher standard of solution flexibility, versatility, and signature security.

Because we’re based in Microsoft’s Azure network, your data is constantly  safeguarded by a robust and double-layered security network! In addition to innate security features present in Azure, AssureSign employs 256-bit data encryption both at rest and in motion, guaranteeing the safe and confidential transfer of your transaction’s data. Our firewall-protected data centers are geo-dispersed throughout the U.S. and Canada and are constantly monitored by our team of security experts.

In addition to leading cloud security measures, AssureSign offers security flexibility with our on-premises offering, the industry’s only on-prem eSignature deployment. You can choose to deploy AssureSign on-prem with its full electronic signature security offering (including our key management service (KMS), or you can choose a simplified installation and install your preferred security architecture.

Our dedication to your security has equipped us with the industry’s most trusted and rigorous security certifications:


AssureSign Trust Center: Compliance and Electronic Security Compliance


Learn more about cloud and data security in the AssureSign Trust Center.

2. Industry Regulation & Standards

AssureSign uses a variety of practices to safeguard and control your data, including

  • security training and testing,
  • penetration testing,
  • vulnerability scanning,
  • security-guided quality control,
  • continuous system monitoring,
  • internal controls, and more.

But, when it comes to legal and regulatory compliance, the handling of data isn’t always one-size-fits-all…

If you’re in healthcare, for example, you’ll likely want to know how AssureSign works within the scope of HIPPA to pragmatically keep patient information confidential. Or, perhaps you’re working in education and need an eSign vendor compliant with FERPA…

We’ve designed AssureSign’s eSignature solution with the necessary security parameters that meet or exceed industry standards and regulations, guaranteeing 100% regulatory compliance. Further, maintaining and demonstrating your   compliance with industry regulation and standards is simple with AssureSign’s audit trail reports. 



Learn more about how AssureSign meets or exceeds your industry’s regulatory standards in the AssureSign Trust Center.

3. National and International Legal Compliance

You may know that AssureSign is compliant with UETA and ESIGN, the two pieces of legislation that govern the use of eSignatures here in the states. But our legal compliance doesn’t stop at U.S. borders. Our eSign solution is compliant with many of the international laws governing the use of eSignatures… so you can take AssureSign with you no matter where you do business!

Here’s some of the legislation AssureSign is compliant with:

 Learn more about the legal parameters of eSignature here. For more information on AssureSign’s legal compliance, view our privacy policy or visit the AssureSign Trust Center

Want to learn more about our commitment to security and legal compliance? Visit the AssureSign Trust Center or download our Security & Legal Commitment eBrief…

Click to download the AssureSign Security & Legal Commitment eBrief