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New Version of AssureSign® Electronic Signature Software Enables Users to Dynamically Define Signature and Data Collection Locations

New version provides seamless integration for dynamics document creation

ORLANDO, FLA. (February 9, 2010) — AssureSign LLC, a leader in electronic signature technology, today announced the official release of the latest offering of its AssureSign product, AssureSign v2.1.1. With this new release, AssureSign delivers a higher degree of automation, enhanced document creation and dynamic template generation, producing the most cost-effective solution for AssureSign users.

AssureSign is a web-hosted service that facilitates the managed processing of documents in an all-digital, highly secure environment. Since its inception, AssureSign has had the ability to template the signature process using ‘JotBlocks’(AssureSign’s term for signature and data collection locations and attributes), which has proven to be a powerful feature, opening the door to a limitless variety of uses of AssureSign’s DocumentNOW® integration interfaces.

While it has always been possible within AssureSign to dynamically create single use document patterns with distinct layouts, AssureSign v2.1.1 introduces a well-defined process that allows user to programmatically vary the signature areas in a way that best suits their existing processes. Ultimately, this new release means AssureSign users will be able to further embed AssureSign electronic signatures into their existing web portal applications, CRM systems or any other back-office or desktop applications without having to manage an extensive library to templates and workflows.

AssureSign 2.1.1 is a result of client and partner suggestions and feedback. Requests included very low level programmatic control of the process, as well as simpler in-document tagging mechanism; and the ability to define information embedded within their streamed-in Word documents, as well as the ability to apply information to PDF documents using existing toolsets. The final solution provides all of these options and offers the flexibility to mix and match the features that suit each user’s needs.

“With the introduction of dynamic JotBlocks, AssureSign users have complete control over their document templates,” said David W. Brinkman, AssureSign’s Chief Executive Officer. “With dynamic JotBlocks, the process of integrating a new technology into an existing business process becomes seamless.”

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