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It’s Not Luck. 4 Reasons Why eSignatures are a Pot of Digital Gold!

Can you guess your odds of finding a four-leaf clover? About 1 in 10,000.

Another fun fact… each leaf of the rare clover has its own meaning: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck*. Fitting for St. Patrick’s Day, no?

It may be a fun theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but here at AssureSign, we don’t think luck should factor into the way you do business. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on luck when sending documents out for signature! AssureSign’s electronic signature and document transaction management enables companies from SMBs to large enterprises to send documents quickly, efficiently and digitally.

Wondering exactly how efficient and effective using eSign can be for your business? Skip searching for the end of a rainbow and discover how eSignature fares better than a pot of gold with these four reasons:

1. Quickest way to send and receive your documents.

It’s true. Electronic signature makes manual and dated processes like overnighting documents or attaching scanned documents to an email seem about as fast as a Windows 98 boot up (did we just inspire a flashback?).

By sending documents via eSign, you can send, receive, and digitally archive completed documents in just a few minutes. Still not quick enough? Eliminate even more wasted time when you leverage SMS/text message technology. Sending documents using AssureSign’s eSign via Text feature—the only eSignature via text messaging feature native to an eSign provider—empowers your consumers to review, complete, sign and send forms back in seconds… all by simply grabbing the device in their back pocket!

See how this company wins 60% of their business by using eSign via Text.

2. Cost effective and efficient.

“Gotta spend money to make money…” How many times have you heard the big guys and gals upstairs throw that idiom around? Despite its catchy nature, the roman poet and philosopher, Plautus made a good point when he coined the term more than two thousand years ago. (Though, we’ll admit he wasn’t likely thinking of digital workflows in 200 BC 😉)

Streamlining processes, consolidating business practices, and eliminating cost are pillars of remaining competitive. Invest in your organization and it will pay dividends.

“It’s absolutely worth the investment…”

Senior Director, Junior Achievement of Kansas City

3. Eliminates errors and omissions.

Waive goodbye to receiving incomplete documents! With an eSignature solution like AssureSign, your end signers are automatically prompted to complete areas left blank on your forms prior to sending them back. What’s more, you can include customized step-by-step instructions for signers as they make their way through the signing flow—making even the most complex forms a breeze to complete and sign.

4. Integrates with your pre-existing solutions and workflows.

Whether it’s a universal CRM like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, a document management system like EZ Lynx or Captorra, or a proprietary digital management software, AssureSign’s eSignature solution integrates with the digital solutions and processes you’re already using! Using an AssureSign out-of-box integration or leveraging our RESTful APIs to build your own webhooks means keeping your end-to-end customer lifecycle in one environment!

Don’t rely on luck to improve your business, let eSignature can guarantee it…

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