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eSignature Sweetens Smoothie Franchising Deals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Barring the mall’s lengthier than normal checkout lanes, the holiday season is a joyous occasion for all!  Food, family, parades, snow angels… and of course, PRESENTS!

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift now and then, and some of us love giving  even more than receiving…

AssureSign’s greatest pleasure is giving  the gift of time and cost reduction along with transactional ease to businesses of nearly every industry through the gift of eSignature! Every year, countless retailers and franchises experience the business agility and customer satisfaction spurred by eSign, and Tropical Smoothie is no exception.

Who is Tropical Smoothie Cafe?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe has delighted consumers with its lavish menu of healthy eats for over 20 years. From its humble beginnings as a single smoothie shop on Florida’s coast to a now nationwide wholesome foods cafe, Tropical Smoothie has always maintained its mission of inspiring healthy lifestyles by serving amazing food and smoothies.


Tropical Smoothie adds AssureSign's eSignature to Franchising Agreement Process


Aside from their indulgent smoothies, the franchise’s 600+ locations offer an assortment of healthy meal options, including sandwiches, flat breads, wraps, as well as select vegan options—all served with a side of “tropical fun.”

Franchising Headaches Eliminated with eSign

Time  is often a contributing benefit to many businesses and organizations leveraging eSign. But for franchises like Tropical Smoothie Cafe… the advantage of timing is magnified.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) carries strict timing guidelines for franchiser/franchisee agreements. To remain compliant, franchisers must ensure that phases of the agreement aren’t signed until defined increments of time are allowed to lapse.


AssureSign's electronic signature allows signatures to occur in timed phases


AssureSign is one of the only eSignature vendors in the industry that provides the delayed signing feature needed for FTC compliance among franchisers. Our recent success story with Tropical Smoothie Cafe explains the benefits of automating this phased signing process with AssureSign’s electronic signature software.

But the benefits don’t stop there…

After adopting electronic signatures to complete their franchiser/franchisee agreements, the healthy eats franchise began to reap even more advantages, further  alleviating overhead and simplifying workflows.

We may not know what ingredients make the world’s best  smoothie… but adding AssureSign’s eSignature to their agreement transactions made Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s franchising process pretty sweet.

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